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Treasures of Egypt

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11 Days • 22 Meals

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  • Review on 05/27/2023

    • Tour
      Tour manager was unorganized and not friendly. It felt like she was under a lot of stress to handle 40+ people and tried to rush things along. Constant changes in itinerary and meeting times were confusing. When things went wrong (eg, hotel porter damaged suitcase), tour manager would not help resolve the problem. It was lucky this tour had an additional Collette representative (Marwan) who helped the tour manager out. Otherwise, the rating would be 1 star.
  • Review on 05/27/2023

    • Tour
      Tour guide in Egypt was Excellent- Sahar was professional knowledgeable, has a wonderful passion towards her job, her country and her tour guests. She managed a group of 42 with ease , helped all, kept a good pace and was extremely organized.. One of the best guides I ever had. I travel alot maybe 3-4 big trips a year. She was exceptional.!!!!!! 5 STARS PLUS PLUS PLUS Tour guide in Jordan was exact opposite , 0 STARS, 000- his name redwan was unprofessional, rude, negative towards his country , stated Jordanians were lazy, spoke about himself and even expressed that only reason he became a tour guide was because of the money.... and that clearly showed- he was completely disengaged , never helped anyone , never gave us detailed info on any place me visited. At Petra he left us all to go on our own- my friends and my self hooked up with a Viking tour guide and learned from him - later hooked up with a lovely private tour guide who explained more - she felt bad for us and said he must be new - If so he either needs a lot more training or to be released from his job which he clearly is not interested in. We were a very small group when we went to Jordan aprox 11 people - easy to manage apparently he left us to make our way to the boarder we were going on to Israel, He did not come with us - It was a total debacle he apparently purchased a group visa when we all arrived - when we reached the boarder we needed individual visas ....Lucky for us we met a very nice GATE ONE tour guide waiting for his folks to come , he made the time to help us talk to the officials so that we did not have to purchase another visa and helped us exit the country where we had a tour guide on the Israeli side waiting for us . Renwan was so bad that no one wanted to tip him , maybe 1 person who gave him very little, but Redwan ran out so fast that another person never had a chance to give him anything . EVERYONE tipped the driver - All in All Redwin did not ruin the trip for us except for the drama at the boarder, we ALL strongly believe we should make you aware of this guides behavior so that he does not ruin the wonderful reputation Collette has in the travel industry
  • Review on 05/26/2023

    • Tour
      Sahar Hammad was wonderful. The tour manager Radwine for the Jordan extension was horrible

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