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Reviews Of Alaska and The Yukon featuring the Yukon, Fairbanks and Denali

Alaska and The Yukon featuring the Yukon, Fairbanks and Denali

Starting From $6,499 pp*

13 Days • 18 Meals

  • First tour and it could not have been better!

    • Service
      Between the fantastic tour guide *Personal details removed by Feefo* and expert driver/commentator *Personal details removed by Feefo* the group and the sights the trip was fantastic but not for one who desires sleeping in each day. My wife and I wold do the trip again in a heart beat!
    • Tour
      I'm not much of a shopper but the sights were fantaastic. I just wish there had been more time to "explore" the wilderness areas we visited.
  • Grest tour manager and driver.

    • Service
      Excellent tour.
    • Tour
      Great tour seeing what god has created. Not the usual tyoe tour
    • Service
      The tour included interesting sights. However, the person who planned the flights evidently was looking for cheapest - not most convenient. Booking us on the 12:05am flight on the last day of tour made it difficult to use the hotel - paid for rooms which we could not use. Also, the person picking us up at airport on first day did not have clear Collette sign and we wasted an hour at airport and did not arrive until almost 2 am at our hotel - a combination of poor planning on booking air flight to arrive in middle of the night instead of at a reasonable hour so we wasted the first day of tour. You need to to a better job of bookiing flights in and out - as we are paying for a full tour and chance to see the sights on the first and last day. By the way, the Tour Director was at the hotel to greet us at that ungodly hour - which we appreciated. This was the first Collette Tour that did not provide a tour bus seat for each single passenger and rotated those seats along with the rest of the seats. There were enough seats on the bus to do so - but in order to have a single seat two of us rode at the back of the bus all the time. My traveling companion and I pay the single price so that we have separate rooms, but also expect the convenience of seats close to each other - but able to choose when we want to sit together to visit and when we choose to sit alone to rest or sleep, etc. I sat with my traveling companion part of the time and the rest of the time I was at the back of the bus. Another person who had paid for single chose to sit at the back of the bus all the time rather than with another single. There was another double seat at the rear which was used by whomever wanted it to rest in. (In other words there were at least 3 extra double seats on bus which could have been used to provide single seats for the 6 singles on the bus. I was disappointed as the other 3 Collette Tours I have taken have provided revolving single seats for each single reservation - with travel companions seated before or after the seat. They could then visit or sleep or rest as needed.
    • Tour
      The tour was interesting and the Tour Leader and Bus Driver were exceptional! We were very lucky to see Denali on a beautiful clear day - what a bonus! Was disappointed with the Yukon portion as I expected more authentic ghost town experiences - it was very touristy - California and Arizona do a better job of preserving the idea of the wild west. Also panning for gold in a trough is not an authentic experience. On the Collette tour of Australia & New Zealand we rode out in jeeps to a river in which we "panned for gold"- much better experience even though jeeps replaced mules for transportation. Must say that I expected Alaska to be a better experience than the other 3 Collette tours I have taken (Alps, Australis/NewZealand, France) but it was not. Best attraction for me was the building of native Alaskan exhibits - one notably in Fairbanks down on the river walk which was not included in the tour - but which we visited in our free time - wonderful displays and great native Alaska guide who was very responsive to our questions. There was a fee, but I suggest that you include it on your next tour. Sorry, I don't remember the name of it; it was not listed in my DK Eyewitness Travel book of Alaska, and it looksd very new. (I read the DK travel books of the countries before the trip, but leave the books home to save weight.) One of the Canadian guides at a Yukon government station was helpful and explained the First Nation concept, which I find disconcerting as the heritage of the native individual tribes differ. A little more history about the native peoples of the area would enhance the tour.

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