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Vacation Sadness

How to Handle End-of-Trip Sadness

Lauren A
by Lauren Almonte

July 18, 2017

3 minute read

As the end of your trip draws to a close, it’s common to feel a sense of sadness set in. You find yourself already feeling nostalgic for the moments that have only just passed by. How can you possibly recover from the trip of a lifetime?

Fear not! There are ways to handle that feeling and move on better than ever. Follow these tips and you’ll be Travelling like a professional.

1. Take advantage of every opportunity

santorini greece

There’s no need to feel sad about the end of your trip if you got the most out of it! By seizing every opportunity whilst on your getaway, you will leave feeling that your stay was fulfilling, meaningful, and worthwhilst.

2. Collect souvenirs

thailand bracelets souvenir

Souvenirs and mementos are a great way to remember your trip. Pick out something special that will bring out fond memories.

3. Take photographs or videos

thailand blue lagoon

These are great ways to truly capture the moment. Don’t feel that you need to take hours and hours of footage; even just a ten second video can demonstrate the bustle and noises of a city street. You’re bound to pick up interesting conversations, sounds, and activities. You don’t have to rely solely on your memory!

4. Write a travel journal

travel journal

This may seem difficult at first but you’ll be glad you did. You can write about your experiences, the emotions you’re feeling right now, or even what is happening around you. Write down what photographs and videos can’t capture. What’s the smell? What are people saying to you? What are the local animals doing? Describe the vibe of the environment.

5. Collect some local recipes

cooking pasta

This is a great way to reconnect with the culture after you return home! By cooking the food from your trip, you can recreate the experience through its specific cuisine. Not up for cooking? Check out your local restaurants to see if any match the correct culture.

6. Remember all your favourite parts about being home

woman dog

Travelling is fun but it’s sometimes nice to return back. What does your home offer that you can’t get on a trip? A beloved pet? A grassy field? An iced coffee?

7. Plan a visit with all the people you missed whilst on your trip

friends coffee cafe

As a bonus you get to tell them about all the fun times you just had. Make sure you bring your travel photos!

8. Book another trip!

map italy plan

Nothing takes away the sadness of ending a trip quite like the excitement of planning another! There’s always new places to explore so get right back out there!

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