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Black Beach Hero

10 Unconventional Beaches You Need to See to Believe

Lauren A
by Lauren Almonte

August 07, 2017

4 minute read

Everyone loves a good beach day! Yet sometimes we get bored with the plain sands and average waves, craving a change of scenery. Are you tired of experiencing the same beach trip everywhere you go? Venture off the beaten path by exploring some of these unusual beaches, located throughout the world.

1. Black Sand Beach – Punalu‘u, Hawaii

This beach in Hawaii is truly a sight to behold. Instead of the bright beaches that you’re accustomed to, this beach in Punalu‘u has black sand stretching along its coast. The colour is a result of basalt, which was created when the lava from nearby volcanoes reached the ocean. If you visit this beach, you might even spot a green turtle sleeping on the sand!

2. Dead Sea – Neve Zohar, Israel

Situated on the border of three different countries, the Dead Sea can only be described as unusual. The main attraction though is the high salt content found in the water; this makes it easy for visitors to float on the lake! Lie back and relax as you drift along the surface, enjoying the lowest point in the entire world.

3. Glowing beaches – Vaadhoo, Maldives

Located in the Indian Ocean, the beaches of the Maldives are sometimes best visited after dark. Throughout the area, the shorelines are frequently populated with bioluminescent phytoplankton. This natural spectacle makes the tide appear to take on a neon glow, which some describe to look like a sea of stars.

4. Pink Sand Beach – Harbour Island, Bahamas

Unlike the Black Sand Beach in Hawaii, this beach displays its own unique colour – pink! The pink colour is the result of broken coral pieces and foraminifera, which is a microscopic organism that possesses a light red shell. The Pink Sand Beach is a popular destination for tourists and is the perfect setting for memorable photos.

5. Bowling Ball Beach – Mendocino County, California

Despite its unusual name, Bowling Ball Beach is actually the perfect title to describe this natural phenomenon in California. These spherical rocks were formed by concretion, which is one of the binding processes for sedimentary rocks. These “bowling balls” are dotted along the coast, providing an ethereal aura to the beach.

6. Red Beach – Rábida Island, Galapagos

Home to flamingos, sea lions, and pelicans, feel free to walk along this deep red beach located in the Galapagos. The sand takes on this hue because of the high content of iron found in volcanic material. In addition to the colourful sand, this beach also hosts an interesting selection of wildlife underwater that can be seen if you choose to go diving.

7. Jökulsárlón – southeast Iceland

Tired of hot beaches? Look no further than the Jökulsárlón lagoon. The lake formed as the area’s glaciers began to melt, recently developing within the past 100 years because of increasing temperatures. Whether you choose to explore the deepest Icelandic lake by boat or from simply standing on the black sandy shores, you’ll have the opportunity to watch colossal glaciers float by you.

8. Hot Water Beach – Mercury Bay, New Zealand

Located on the northeastern coast of New Zealand, this beach is a natural spa. Visitors can dig holes in the sand, forming low baths to sit in. Hot water from underground springs filters to the surface, resulting in a heated pool. Temperatures as high as 147 degrees Fahrenheit have been recorded! Take in the charming ocean view as you relax in the warm thermal water.

9. Scala Dei Turchi – Realmonte, Sicily, Italy

Translating to “Stair of the Turks,” this steep shoreline is picturesque. White limestone rocks climb up the coast, seemingly forming a natural staircase within the rocks. Sunbathe on the white slabs and admire the dazzling sea below you.

10. Boulders Beach – Cape Peninsula, South Africa

The highlight of this area isn’t just the breathtaking coastline but rather the inhabitants of the beach. A colony of African penguins were brought to the region around thirty-five years ago and now an estimated 3,000 birds live here! You can watch the lively penguins from the beach or the boardwalks.

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