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Our CEO's Favourite Destination Transformations

by Kristen Gilbert

November 01, 2018

2 minute read

Our CEO, Dan Sullivan, Jr., has seen it all over the years as he's traveled the globe in search of interesting places to visit and perfect experiences for our guests. During his time on the road (and in the air, and on railways), he's had the privilege of witnessing countries transform from relatively unknown or unhospitable destinations to the most sought after spots on the globe. Here are a few of his favorite transformations.

What countries have changed the most over the years?

One of the first destinations that comes to mind is Croatia. When I first went there it was still Yugoslavia. The people there spoke 6 or 7 different languages and it was comprised of many different countries. Today, it's one of the world's most beautiful destinations. It's been touched very little by war, it has great seaside resorts, there are incredible mountains, pristine lakes, plenty of history to dive into, and a fascinating culture. It's also a very affordable place to explore. I would encourage anyone to consider Croatia.

For years you couldn't visit China, but now you can and you should. Since China has started opening itself up and emerging as a global leader, it has evolved into a much more popular destination to visit. I've found that the people are always very friendly and they eagerly embrace travelers. Its rich history is still so present, but you can really see a transformation within the country that speaks to its forward-facing evolution.

Northern Ireland is another destination where I've witnessed a major shift - though mostly in accessibility for travelers. Most travelers wouldn't have visited the country due to the tension between the North and South, but now as they come together, Northern Ireland is a place that beckons to travelers and invites the kind of exploration that the South part of the Emerald Isle has enjoyed all along. Northern Ireland is one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland and travelers are really embracing it. From Giant's Causeway to the Ring of Kerry, every region of Ireland has something fascinating and wonderful to offer and as you go from area to area, you can really see the melding of a culture and variety of landscapes.

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