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Three Ways to Travel to Spain

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by Morgan Hughes

December 03, 2019

4 minute read

Immerse yourself in Spain, where the tides of sunny Mediterranean beaches beckon, medieval architecture and idyllic landscapes colour every view, and renowned cuisine waits at your table. This is your personal travel guide to exploring things to do in Spain.


For the Historian

Classical Spain is a sandbox for history buffs. From Barcelona to Seville, you’ll find living artifacts of royalty, religion, and renaissance at every corner.

The Mezquita – Córdoba

The Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba, also known as the Mezquita, is over 1,000 years old, with a complex history. It was a gothic church, then a mosque under the Muslim rule of Spain, and finally a Roman Catholic church. Inside, the Mezquita displays spectacular hues of red and gold and hundreds of columns of jasper, onyx, marble, and granite. It is considered one of the greatest accomplishments of Moorish architecture.

Alhambra Palace & Generalife Gardens – Granada

The Alhambra is palace and fortress in the hills of Andalusia, built in AD 889 atop the remains of a Roman structure. The palace later became the location of a Royal Court in the 15th century, where Christopher Columbus received royal endorsement for his famous expedition there. You’ll notice its intricate designs in the form of statues and arabesques. On the outskirts of the Alhambra, you’ll stumble upon the enchanting Generalife Gardens. The villa dates back to the 14th century as a place of leisure and escape for the kings of Granada. Today, it is as elegant as ever with lush shrubbery, fountains, and architecture.


For the Cultural Connoisseur

Spain is known for its romantic culture, from the music to the food. There is no better way to get to known Spain than by eating and dancing your way through it.

Flamenco dance

The national dance of Spain, flamenco, began in southern Spain during the 17th century as an art form created by Andalusian gypsies. Similar to the blues in America’s deep south, they used lyrics, instruments, and dance to convey feelings of sorrow and repression. Gypsies sang in the dark mines where they worked, using verse to help ease each other's personal grief. Soon "la guitarra," or the guitar, and "la baile," or dance, were added to the repertoire — and like any great art form, the flamenco took off. Seek out a lesson after dinner on your visit to Spain.


This is one of the most quintessential dishes of Spain. It typically contains a medley of yellow rice, vegetables, and seafood or meat. Paella is cooked in a large, flat pan over open flame. Originally from Valencia, legend has it that Moorish royal servants mixed leftovers and rice from kings’ banquets to eat. Eat it in a full dining experience as you watch a Spanish chef at his craft. For wine, Spain’s signature tempranillo pairs perfectly.


For the Ocean Lover

When you’re exploring the gem of the Mediterranean, be sure to get to the water. Temperatures in southern Spain are famously fabulous in the summer and beautifully mild year-round.

La Costa del Sol

Make your way to La Costa del Sol – this literally translates to the coast of sun. This sunny region of Andalusia is a beach bum’s dream. As you look around, you’ll see palm trees in front of you and mountains in the distance. Spend your days relaxing, or embark on an adventure like scuba diving or horseback riding by the beach. Meander about whitewashed coastal towns and beaches for the world’s bon vivants. On La Costa del Sol, it’s all about me-time.


This port city is known for its luxurious hotels and yellow-sand beaches. Play golf under the warm Spanish sun or relax on la playa. Málaga is nothing less than grand. Historic cathedrals and palaces neighbour world-renowned resorts. In the distance, you’ll see a couple of massive hilltop citadels – remnants of Moorish rule. For a taste of the high life of the past, visit Alcazaba, an old Moorish castle with a spectacular fountain and elaborate defence towers.

Whether it’s your first or fifth visit, there is always more to experience in this haven for history buffs, foodies, and beach bums alike.

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