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The Top Six Wonders of Iceland That Will Blow Your Mind

Suzanne S
by Suzanne Stavert

June 03, 2019

4 minute read

Iceland is unique, insanely interesting and unlike any country I have ever visited. It is this rare and exciting one-of-a-kind description that attracted me to join the Northern Lights Tour with Collette. Check out the video the brilliant filmmakers of Collette shot whilst we were touring the incredible country of Iceland and read on!

Nature is BIG, bigger than anywhere I have ever travelled. It rendered me speechless almost on a daily basis. I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning! Every day was filled with extraordinary landscapes and with every step I fell even more infatuated with Iceland.



The trip to Iceland began and ended in the capital city of Reykjavík and it offered so many wonderful places to see. I loved the old world charm of the city that is woven with modern architecture, Icelandic culture and peaceful areas to stroll and enjoy. Reykjavík is quiet, has no crime, and everyone seems to know everyone. There is a friendly atmosphere here that is palpable.

northern lights 

Northern Lights

Ah, the elusive northern lights! Yes, we saw them! The northern lights can be challenging to see. There are several parameters that determine whether you will view them or not. Location, weather (no rain, no wind, clear skies) definitely affect the visibility. The plan was to go out to see them every night that we could and we were lucky to see them on our very first night.

Seeing and experiencing the northern lights was a travel bucket list item for me. In fact it was pretty near the top of the list! Although I travelled there in the winter and was cold at times, the scenery blows you away and you forget everything else. Since seeing the northern lights was of the utmost importance to me, a visit in winter was non-negotiable. I packed correctly, wore layers of clothing and was just fine.


Iceberg Lagoon

The famous Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is about five hours from Reykjavík and some of the ice is over 1,000 years old. The lagoon connects with the ocean and is therefore composed of a sea and fresh water mixture which causes its unique, vibrant blue colour.

The turquoise hue of Iceberg Lagoon was other worldly and I was intrigued by the exaggerated weather of the season, the immense snowpack and enormous waterfalls covered in snow and ice. This type of landscape is so different from anywhere I have ever been, I couldn’t get enough!


Waterfalls: Gullfoss, Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss

Iceland is called the land of fire and ice because of its 130 volcanoes and snowy winters, but it should be considered the land of water as well. It is a watery wilderness with waterfalls so tall it is difficult to see the very top and others so enormous they would dwarf Niagara Falls. Around every bend in the road there is a new natural wonder to enjoy!

Each waterfall delivers another astonishing impression. You cannot get that close to Gullfoss, but the magnitude and the enormity of it is striking. Skogafoss is so high that you climb 450 steps to get to the highest point and from the ground it is nearly impossible to see where the falls begin.

Seljalandsfoss was wet and misty and is one of the country’s best known waterfalls. “Foss” means waterfall in Icelandic. In the summer you can actually walk behind the waterfall on a small path, however in the winter it is closed because the path is too icy to walk on.


Black Sand Beach

Reynisfjara is a world famous black sand beach in Southern Iceland. The basalt stacks create this textured ethereal landscape and the location is so exceptional that it was featured in Season 7 of Game of Thrones – “North of the Wall” We couldn’t believe our eyes!


Diamond Beach

Without a doubt this is the most spectacular natural setting I have ever seen. Nothing prepared me for the wonder of this beach. The black volcanic sand was one aspect of surprise, but adding in the bright blue icebergs in the distance and the crystal clear small icebergs was beyond anything I could ever dream could be real.

A Collette group tour is such a fantastic way to see Iceland. They determine the logistics and are able to maximize the time and activities at every location. Each itinerary includes special details like where the best authentic local meal may be served. As travel experts, Collette knows just what is possible and what is necessary for the perfect tour!

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