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nz cuisine

Taste the Kiwis and the Kina in New Zealand

by Alyssa Smith

January 16, 2020

2 minute read

With approximately 9,300 miles of coastline, a flourishing agricultural economy, and European, American and Southeast Asian influences, New Zealand’s cuisine serves up a delicious array of flavours. If you’re ready to embark on a culinary quest, here are 5 must-try meals to try on a New Zealand travel tour that the Kiwis swear by:

    1. KINA: A type of sea urchin only found in New Zealand, kina is a delicacy to many locals. From August to January, these small spherical and spiky sea urchins are harvested by fishermen and sold to markets. Whilst the outside of this shellfish might not look appetizing, the inside contains a buttery roe that’s served raw or deep fried.

    2. LAMB: In New Zealand there are reportedly more sheep than people, making it an easy – and delicious – dish to acquire. New Zealand lamb is one of a kind and is known for its freshness, making it one of the country’s most famous exports.

    3. PAUA: This delicious sea snail is another seafood delicacy that you must try whilst in New Zealand. Paua is served raw, battered and fried into fritters, and incorporated into flavorful curries. In addition to being delicious, the paua shells have beautiful, iridescent colours that artisans often use to make jewellery and souvenirs.
    hokey pokey ice cream

    4. HOKEY POKEY: Whilst those in English-speaking countries know the hokey pokey as a childhood dance, in New Zealand it’s a beloved sweet treat consisting of creamy vanilla ice cream with pieces of honeycomb toffee spread throughout. It’s a sweet way to cool down after a day in the sun.

    5. PAVLOVA: One final sweet indulgence you must try whilst on a New Zealand adventure is the creamy Pavlova, a meringue-based dessert topped with cream and garnished with fresh kiwifruit. This fluffy treat is one of New Zealand’s national desserts and is commonly found during the holiday season and various celebrations.

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