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culinary week wrap

It’s time to clear the Collette Culinary plates

Alex Shaked
by Alex Shaked

August 27, 2021

3 minute read

For two full weeks, we had a foodie takeover on our social media platforms so you could celebrate all the incredible gastronomic experiences on our tours right from your own home. We had a video of traditional Margherita pizza being prepared in Italy, a poll about the best way to serve a lobster roll, photos of some of the amazing street food you can find in Vietnam, and so many more tasty tidbits. If you missed any of the feast, fear not! We have a comprehensive overview our foodie tours for the curious gourmand in our blog.

We wanted to be sure we highlighted some of each type of food experience we offer on tour during Collette Culinary in one convenient spot. Read on for a small taste, an amuse-bouche if you will, of all the categories of food excursions we covered during Collette Culinary. Be sure to check out the individual blogs on this crave-worthy content, too!

Classical Cuisine

A cheesesteak in Philadelphia. Fish and chips in London. Pierogi in Poland. Some food is so iconic, it is sometimes the first thing we think of when a destination is mentioned! Read more about classical cuisine on our tours here.

Home Hosted Meals

A home-cooked meal is a labour of love. Through home hosted meals, our travellers get a chance to come face-to-face with the people who can truly speak to life in a different place. When sharing a meal, we get to learn about our differences whilst sharing something we have in common – an appreciation for a delicious dish! Read more about home-hosted meals here!  

Local Lessons

Chocolate makers in Switzerland and mozzarella cheese producers in Italy are masters of their crafts, in the places where those crafts are most revered. Whilst we don’t always think of how a perfectly wrapped sweet gets to us or how a melty string of cheese reaches our fork, learning about the care that goes into the production of these foods can help us appreciate them a bit more. Learn more about the local lessons we offer on tour here 


The Scottish refer to whisky as “the water of life.” The most famous folk festival in the world, Germany’s Oktoberfest, is kicked off with a keg tapping ceremony. Raising a glass with a country’s signature spirit is one of the many ways to appreciate their culinary contributions. Tap into our blog on tastings here. 

Street Food

Street food offers a whole different approach to dining. Fresh, delicious food on-the-go is a very appealing option to the busy traveller and it offers another chance to eat as the locals do. Another perk – not wondering what you’re missing out on when that delicious smell from a cart wafts by. Read more about street food here. 

Cooking Classes

Rolling up your sleeves and learning how to prepare something new always provides for a satisfying meal. Learning from chefs and other local experts means you know you are preparing a dish with support from people who really know the food. Travellers get to taste their accomplishment and leave with new skills and a new recipe. Learn more here!

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