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Taste Your Way Around the World

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by Nicole Diebold

August 27, 2021

4 minute read

As Restaurant Week is enjoyed all over, we’re celebrating with #ColletteCulinary – highlighting tastings, home-hosted meals and all of our unique dining experiences around the world. Here, we take a look at wine, beer and spirt tastings and say “Prost!” “Salud!” “Yamas!” and “Cheers!” to these incredibly tasty experiences.

One of the best parts of Travelling the world is getting the opportunity to get a taste (literally) of the local flavour. Food and drinks can truly immerse travellers into different cultures. We work hard to create experiences that go even beyond simple tastings. Travellers on our tours will not just eat the food, they’ll often learn to make it so they can bring that piece of the destination back home.

Travellers won’t just sample the wine – they’ll stroll through the vineyards and chat with the wine-makers, learning about the rich background to the art of this craft. We’ve hand-selected some wonderful tastings of drinks enjoyed on various tours.

5 tastings to savour on tour:

1.     Wine Tasting in Napa Valley – on our brand-new California Dreamin’ tour

Get a taste for the laid-back life on our brand-new California Dreamin’ tour! Gather with friends over a charcuterie board and sip locally produced wines at a historic winery that overlooks the stunning views of the Napa Valley.

2.     Brewery Visit at Browerij de Prael – an Impact Moment on our small group Netherlands, Belgium & France tour

At Collette, we want to make travel a force for good because we understand the responsibility of ensuring travel is mutually beneficial to both travellers and the global communities who welcome us on tour. We created Impact Moments on many of our programs, so travellers are able to give back by supporting organizations that benefit their communities. Travellers on this tour will tour and taste at a local brewery that employs individuals who have difficulties entering the job market due to mental, physical, or social obstacles. The brewery gives people the opportunity to learn a new trade and even undertake apprenticeships.

3.     Distillery Visit in Kentucky – on our Bluegrass Country & Smoky Mountains Tour

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Buffalo Trace, the oldest continuously operating Bourbon distillery in America, for a tasting of some of the finest bourbon whiskey you could imagine. During your visit, learn about the subtle craft, meet some of the people who make it all happen, and taste some of the home-grown spirit.Experience this unique tasting on our Bluegrass Country & Smoky Mountains tour.

4.     Oktoberfest in Munich – on our Cultural Cities of Germany featuring Oktoberfest; and Discover Switzerland, Austria and Bavaria featuring Oktoberfest tours        

Toast to tradition at Munich’s Oktoberfest, the largest folk festival in the world, which dates back to the 1800s. It only runs for 16 days starting in mid-September. People come from all over the world for the festivities, like rides, costumes, food, shows and, of course, beer. Say “Prost!” to this experience as you enjoy a pint on one of these two tours.

5.     Lavaux Vineyards Wine Tasting – on our small group Switzerland: Hidden Trails and Majestic Peaks tour

Explore the terraced vineyards of Lavaux complete with a lunch at a family-owned restaurant before visiting with our friends, Jacques and Aurelia, for a wine tasting nestled amongst the vines. Traipse the Lavaux vineyards (UNESCO) on foot before enjoying another tasting of the region’s finest varieties. 

Wherever you go, raise your glass to savour the memories of incredible journeys with friends new and old. Find connection with the communities you visit through food and drinks – which have always connected people to one another. These are some of the best moments you can have on tour – and some of the tastiest too! Cheers to your adventures, always.


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