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Calling all Broadway Buffs: Take A Shot at This Theater-Themed Quiz!

Dominique Ferrari
by Dominique Ferrari

May 21, 2024

7 minute read

Discover Why Broadway is the Heart of New York City’s Theatre Scene

Experience the heartbeat of NYC. Picture it: Legendary sidewalks. Central Park strolls.

Iconic monuments. Places where history changed forever. The hum of a place that marches to the beat of a thousand dreams. That’s NYC, baby.

And in the centre of it all sits the neon glow of Broadway – one of the world’s most famous theatre districts. New York City is a magnet for art lovers, culture enthusiasts, and those seeking unique experiences. One of the popular attractions in the city is seeing a show on Broadway. Our tours ensure you experience the best of it.

Now on our Spotlight on New York City guided tour, we have a special, limited time offer for tickets to see Hamilton, the popular musical that has become a cultural sensation. Hurry because seats are filling up fast!

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Test your Knowledge of Broadway’s Rich History

So, Broadway lovers and trivia fans, get ready to take your shot. Here’s a trivia challenge all about the Great White Way… Broadway! Ready to continue with the show?

Break a leg!

Question 1:
Which musical changed Broadway by using a new style of music and earning a record number of Tony Award nominations in one night?

Hamilton actors on stage

It’s Hamilton, of course! In 2016, "Hamilton" received 16 Tony Award nominations in one night. This was the highest number of nominations for a production since the first Tony Awards in 1947. The show went on to win 11 of those awards, leaving a significant impact on the theatrical world and beyond.

Question 2:
Hamilton uses rap and dense lyrics, surpassing many Shakespeare plays in word count. About how many words does it pack into its 2.5-hour runtime? And for extra credit, which song delivers the fastest-paced lyrics in Broadway history?

  1. 10,000
  2. 15,000
  3. 17,500
  4. 20,000
Hamilton actors on stage 2

D. Hamilton packs a whopping 20,520 words through its score! The song 'Guns and Ships' in particular is well-known for its fast rap. The verse in the song has 6.3 words per second. This sets a record for lyrical speed on Broadway.

And you better act fast to snag your seats on our special Spotlight on New York City tour featuring Hamilton for a limited time.

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Question 3:
Ever notice something missing in Broadway theatres’ seating row labels? Which letter does nearly every Broadway theatre skip in their seating arrangement and why do they do this?

Hamilton actors on stage 3

Most Broadway theaters skip the letter 'I' from their seating rows. They do this to avoid theatergoers from mixing it up with the number ‘1’. That way, nobody ends up mistakenly thinking they snagged front row seats. But don’t worry, we’ve got your seats reserved.

Question 4:
How many Broadway theaters are there? And how many of them actually sit on the famous street of Broadway itself?

Hamilton actors on stage 4

There are 41 Broadway theatres, but only four are located on Broadway itself. To qualify as a Broadway theatre, a venue must be located between 40th and 54th streets and between 6th and 8th avenues. It also needs to have at least 500 seats.

Question 5:
Besides being home to New York City’s theatre district, what other feature truly makes Broadway go a long way in standing out?

Hamilton actors on stage 5

Broadway is the longest street in New York City, stretching a total of 33 miles through Manhattan, the Bronx, and even further north. It is also known for its 'squares' like Times Square, where Broadway crosses other avenues.

Question 6:
Which Broadway show has earned the title of highest-grossing production of all time?

The Lion King billboard in Times Square NYC

The Lion King is the top-grossing Broadway show ever, surpassing over $1.8 billion by May 2023. Whilst Hamilton might be the showstopper on our special Spotlight on NYC tour, you’ll have so much more to see – including another amazing Broadway show.

Question 7:
How many theatergoers flock to Broadway shows each year?

Broadway theater

In the 2022-23 season, Broadway had an attendance of 12.3 million and grossed $1.6 billion dollars! That means, on average, approximately 34,000 people see a show every single day!

Question 8:
How close is Lin-Manuel Miranda to achieving the prestigious EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony) status?

Hamilton logo

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton has already won three out of the four awards. He’s only missing an Oscar.

Times Square NYC at night

Broadway: What Makes It Special?

Broadway is more than just a road. It represents American creativity and artistic expression that has influenced not only the US but the whole world. For over a century, Broadway has been the launchpad for some of the most innovative and emotionally compelling performances in theatre history.

The impact of productions like Hamilton underscores Broadway's ability to adapt and evolve, bringing fresh perspectives and new energy to traditional theatrical forms. Hamilton itself revolutionized the musical genre by blending hip-hop with historical narrative, captivating audiences and earning accolades, such as 11 Tony Awards. Its global appeal and critical acclaim highlight Broadway's unique role in advancing the arts and continually shaping the entertainment industry.

Hamilton actors on stage 6

The Artistic Pulse of New York City: A Theatre Lover’s Dream

Broadway in New York City is the best place for live entertainment. From drama to comedy and musicals, the diversity of performances mirrors the vibrant tapestry of the city itself.

Attending a Broadway show is more than just a night out. It is a journey into a world of creativity, emotion, and imagination brought to life by incredibly talented performers. And on our Spotlight on New York City guided tour, you’ll experience not one, but two Broadway shows.

When you watch a Broadway show, you experience something that has been a cornerstone of New York City’s cultural heritage. Join us to witness firsthand the dynamism of NYC's theatre scene and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Central Park NYC ice skating in the winter

Discover the Magic of Visiting New York City in the Off-Season

Visiting New York City in the off-season, particularly during the cooler, quieter months of February and March, presents a unique opportunity to experience the city in a whole new light. Without the typical crowds that throng the streets in peak tourist seasons, you gain an intimate glimpse into the life of the city. The streets are easier to navigate and you can take your time to truly appreciate the art and culture.

Winter in New York is magical. Snow can sometimes blanket the city, transforming Central Park into a picturesque winter wonderland. It's the perfect time for leisurely walks and some warm stops at cosy cafes. The cultural calendar is still lively, with popular Broadway shows like Hamilton attracting audiences in a less crowded setting.

This special time of year allows you to see a more serene side of the bustling city, making your visit not just a trip, but a truly memorable experience.

Take advantage of our Spotlight on New York City tour in February and March to enjoy all these benefits and more, including exclusive tickets to the sensational Hamilton.

Experience the Heart of NYC: Broadway and Beyond

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