We are actively monitoring the discussions in Congress over federal funding, and the potential impact on our tours visiting Federal Sites & National Parks across the United States.

Without an agreement between the House, Senate and White House, the government will shut down on Saturday September 30, 2023 at midnight. The impact to our Tours will be limited to those visiting some Federal Sites & National Parks across the country. Some states including Utah, Arizona and Colorado have indicated that they will provide the necessary funding to keep the National Parks operating. Other states are considering similar measures.

If we are unable to operate or your tour is altered due to the government shutdown, we will contact you directly prior to departure.

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Collette Launches 20% Sale in Celebration of Canada’s New Travel Rules

MISSISSAUGA — Collette is celebrating Canada’s eased travel rules with a brand new 20% sale on early 2023 travel.

The offer is valid on new retail bookings made between Feb. 21, 2022 and March 8, 2022, for travel between Jan. 1, 2023 and April 30, 2023. The offer code is LETSGO22 and must be used at the time of booking.

In addition, clients can add onto their package Collette’s travel protection plan, which allows them to receive a full money back refund should they need to cancel up to 24 hours prior to departure.

Travel agents, meanwhile, will receive a portion of the full commission based on the type of booking. Collette will not recall the advanced commission payments if a client chooses to cancel.

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