Travelling with Glasses: What to Do

by Allison Faria

September 14, 2016

2 minute read

Packing isn’t easy for anyone, but those of us who wear glasses or contact lenses have a few extra special concerns. Clearly, it’s of the utmost importance to be able to see while on vacation, but how do we protect our delicate eyewear from damage while travelling? We completely understand your eyewear woes, so we thought we’d create a quick list to help you keep those eyeglasses and contact lenses in one piece. We want you to be able to see it all on tour!

Protecting Your Glasses with a Travel Case:

  • Know your prescription just in case you need to replace your specs while you’re away
  • Bring another pair: Keep one in carry on and one in checked luggage
  • Keep glasses in a hard case so they are less likely to break if crushed
  • Pack a repair kit and lens cloth
  • Prescription sunglasses are a great thing to have since you’ll probably spend a good deal of time outside.

Contact lenses:

  • Try to avoid wearing your contacts on the airplane. They tend to dry out.
  • Bring travel size bottles of contact lens solution and rewetting drops to keep those contacts feeling comfortable.
  • Keep contacts, your contact lens travel case and all related supplies in your carry on to make sure they’re safe and with you at all times.

With these few simple tips, you should be well prepared to keep your spectacles or contact lenses safe from harm so you can take in all the sights with comfort and ease.

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