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Know Before You Go: Tips for Travellers to Myanmar

Ryan M
by Ryan Mikucki

July 19, 2017

3 minute read

When you tell people that you’re going to Myanmar, they frequently ask you where that is. Myanmar used to be called Burma and is located in Southeast Asia. Its bordered by India and Bangladesh to the west, Thailand and Laos to the east and China in the north and northeast. Recently, I travelled to the country of Myanmar for the first time and had an amazing experience. I’m excited to share some of my travelling tips with you!

Don’t worry about safety

Although it is natural to feel a bit nervous when visiting a new place, there’s no need to be. People are extremely friendly in Myanmar and it felt like a very safe destination.

Enjoy the food!

All the restaurants and food were excellent. Myanmar offers a unique style of cuisine that is influenced by the surrounding Asian countiries. Everyone in my travel group raved about the food.

The weather can be hot

Similar to India’s weather, Myanmar can get hot so travellers need to be prepared for that. Even though it can feel warm, we found shade and AC every so often, like when travelling on the coach.

Prepare to remove your shoes

Travellers must remove their shoes and socks before entering the temples. Shorts are allowed, but must be below the knees. No sleeveless shirts are permitted in temples so pack your bags accordingly. Women do not need a head wrap or scarf. Remember that as visitors, we must respect their culture and religion.

Who is a good fit for Myanmar?

Adventure seekers! Well-travelled people who enjoy exotic destinations will love Myanmar. Also, anyone who has previously been to another Southeast Asian country will feel at home here.

The locals might take pictures of you

This can happen in different destinations worldwide, but I found it fun to have the natives take photographs. It only further proves that Myanmar is a newer destination for travellers. We felt like celebrities!

Their happiness is infectious

Even though the people of Myanmar live in humble conditions, they maintain a pleasant disposition. Their smiles and happiness are infectious and you can’t help but smile and feel happy too.

Anticipate attentive service

Overall, the people of Myanmar provided very welcoming service. They were always paying attention to us and greeting us with a smile.

Book pre-nights for your tour

Due to the flights, you might want to consider booking another night before your trip so that you begin your tour feeling rested and refreshed.

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