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My Life as a Tour Manager: A Job (And a Lifestyle) That I Love

Cinthya Pavan
by Cinthya Pavan

October 09, 2018

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It's 5:50 am and my alarm clock is going off.

I would like a 10-minute snooze, but my mind is awake and already knows what the plan for the day is. Being a Tour Manager is a 24/7 job with lots of responsibilities. Lots of preparation. Lots of expectations to be fulfilled and so many wonderful moments to be shared.

The day begins with plenty to do

In my head I am already thinking about where we will be after lunch, even though it is only 6:20am. I have showered, brewed the first cup of coffee from the hotel room kettle, and gotten dressed for what promises to be a very busy but rewarding day.

At breakfast time I'm down at the hotel restaurant with a pouch of vouchers and luggage tags. I make a quick inspection to make sure everything is in order before filling up my plate. Ah, coffee. Making me more awake and thinking of the upcoming activities. How is the weather ? What do I need to wear? Are we moving between areas where there is a need for different currencies? Just like every day in the life of a Tour Manager, the "to do" list is long. The days are very active not only physically, but also mentally, which makes time fly.

When I see the familiar faces of my guests approaching my table in the morning, I feel instantly happy. It is a big responsibility to be with a large group around the world, but it is a great opportunity to take them to places and to see new cultures.

In the blink of an eye, between checking the luggage from guests with the porters and delivering the hotel voucher, it is already time to hit the road. We all board the coach, and it is great to see the excitement of our guests just radiating from them. They can't wait to see it all and I can't wait to show them.

Out on the road is where Tour Managers shine

And, here we go, hitting the roads of the world. My moment to shine comes along with having the best seat in the house: the Tour Manager's seat. I get to experience a bit of a "Hollywood moment" when I click the microphone on for the first time. All eyes and ears are on me and I feel honored and proud to share my knowledge, facts, and curiosities of a land that I get to unveil. It is a great moment when I get some laughs and some wows along the way.

I love lunch time when I can share some of my favorite places or foods to try. Some guests truly indulge in the local food to get a real sense of what the locals eat and how they live. It is a pleasure seeing them coming back with a satisfied face.

Organizing and more organizing

I am always in the process of organizing commentary for the day, further activities for the tour, checking logistics paperwork, giving the guests some down time when they sit on the coach, and calling everyone I need for the upcoming days. There's a smile on my face when I witness someone having a powerful moment contemplating the landscape from the window, dazzled by all they are taking in during their trip and it makes all the planning and organizing very rewarding.

Wrapping up the day

The check in at a new hotel at night is the ending to a day of adventure. Dinner is served and I take my seat a bit further from the group this time. It becomes easy to see that not only am I leading guests to new destinations, but also to new friends to share experiences and a few laughs with. After dinner, the day can be wrapped up and we can all enjoy a little free time to recharge. If other work colleagues are around, we have a drink, a laugh, share information and make sure everyone is doing well. Colleagues are essential to the lives of Tour Managers because we make each other's jobs easier by sharing our knowledge and offering support.

A Tour Manager's role

I like to say that being a Tour Manager is a bit like being a mom because I take care of my guests like they are my family. I take them to new beginnings and show them that they can change their point of view by experiencing new things. I make them laugh, give advice, share helpful tips with them, teach them about the world, tell them stories, share hugs and appreciation. My biggest reward is seeing dreams come true--just like a mom. Being able to show people the world is the best part of being a Tour Manager and it's what keeps me on the road.

I could go on and on about how much my job fascinates me, how dynamic it is, and how I adore being with people, but I need to go to bed and enjoy a peaceful sleep feeling fulfilled knowing that today was a success.

Tomorrow, the alarm clock will go off at 5:50am. With coffee, a smile, and a heart full of love, I will lead another new adventure.

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