Corporate Social Responsibility: Investing in People

by Kristen Gilbert

October 25, 2018

1 minute read

We recently sat down with a representative from our Human Resources department for a few words about how investing in our people helps ensure that we provide the best possible service to our guests.

Why is it important to Collette to invest so much in its people?

Our people are at the heart of Collette which is why investing in them is paramount to our success. An area where we're making significant investments in our people is learning and development, providing support and encouragement to our employees to become the best versions of themselves.

We foster a learning culture that supports an open mindset, encourages the desire for acquiring knowledge, and shares learning amongst each other. As we engage in learning, we expand our skills to achieve our personal and professional development goals, cultivate our abilities, and explore our interests.

Collette's values are critical to ensure we build and sustain our culture. One of our values is innovation, and we recognize that continuous learning and improvement fuels innovation.

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