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Supporting Children Through Education and Nutrition

by Kristen Gilbert

June 04, 2018

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As we get ready to embark on an Impact Tour to South Africa, we have been reflecting on the work that we have done alongside our friends and community members in Africa aimed at helping to sustain communities and benefit children. Africa is just one of many continents where we have focused our philanthropic efforts and socially responsible tourism. Our work continues here as well as in many other locations across the globe. Our hope is to level the playing field for all children in order to break the cycle of poverty.

Travel that Benefits Communities

Collette aims to make the world a better place in all that we do. We approach travel with the goal of being responsible so that the experience is mutually beneficial to the travelers and the communities we visit on tour. We work collaboratively to make a positive impact. For over a decade, the nonprofit, the Collette Foundation, has given grants to support communities in Africa through educational and nutritional support.

Tenderfeet Education Center in Kenya, Africa

The Tenderfeet Education Center gives some of the orphaned and vulnerable children of Kenya hope for the future through food and education. Collette has had a long partnership with the center since 2007 when it was only a tin shack in the slums packed with 32 children in desperate situations. Through our partnership, we have been able to build a new school where more than 200 students receive an education and thrive.

Not only do the children learn in a clean and safe environment, we have also sponsored the school's meal program which provides two meals per day to each student so that they are fed and ready to learn, as well as incentivized to attend school daily. Read on here for more details about this school and the caring and tenacious woman who started it all against the odds.

Knysna Education Trust, South Africa

In Knysna, South Africa, we have provided nutritious meals every day to the students of the Knysna Education Trust. Projects include three new schools, new chalk boards for over 30 schools, running water and plenty of classroom materials. Needless to say that this help is all very much appreciated by the children and their families, but one very special little boy took his appreciation one step further and reached out to help others. Click here for his inspiring story.

Hippo Rollers, South Africa

Water is life, which is why we have been very happy to help support rural communities in South Africa obtain clean drinking water. With drinkable water located a long distance away, the task of collecting water is a difficult and time-consuming effort. Hippo Water Rollers are barrel-shaped containers that hold and transport large amounts of safe drinking water so that families can spend less time collecting this basic necessity. For more details on our partnership with the Hippo Rollers Project, click here.

Be part of the impact and join us in South Africa.

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