Learn how Invisible Cities in Edinburgh empowers locals with opportunity

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by Molly Lisiewicz

February 20, 2020

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You may have heard about the ways our team is making a global impact. Whether it’s by planting seeds of change in Kenya or visiting a wildlife refuge in the Galapagos, we’re not afraid to get our hands (or pink tee shirts!) dirty to make a difference.


When our product team is crafting itineraries, they often look to local organizations who are serving their communities. We’re so inspired by one change maker in particular, featured on the new Scotland: Isles of Lore & Legend tour. Our team is partnering with Invisible Cities, an emerging social enterprise committed to building success by breaking down stigma.


edinburgh castle 550x310 

Visitors stroll through the breathtaking grounds surrounding Edinburgh Castle.


How does Invisible Cities ignite change? They train tour guides of homeless backgrounds and empower them to share their knowledge with travellers. According to their mission, 100% of profit is re-invested in the development and education of tour guides, and used to organize community events. Equipping guides with job experience, and skills like public speaking, is a brilliant way to lead toward the future.


royal mile edinburgh 550x310

Take to the streets and explore the Royal Mile of the Old Town in Edinburgh.


We find authenticity in our travels when searching through the eyes of a local. Getting to the heart of a city is easy when you’re with a guide who knows their streets better than anyone else. You’ll hear about Edinburgh city life, visit their favourite landmarks and coffee shops, and gain a fresh perspective on history you can’t find on a museum plaque.


It’s both humbling and empowering that the tour guides of Invisible Cities are using their newly found footing to lead others forward.


There’s so much to discover on Scotland: Isles of Lore & Legend and our other Small Group Explorations tours. Are you ready?

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