Peaks of Europe

Go Behind the Scenes with the Collette Team: Tour Manager Mark G

Mark Godin
by Mark Godin

October 12, 2021

1 minute read

What are travellers on the road saying?

It’s an exciting time to be on the road – travellers are so eager to explore again. There’s definitely renewed interest in our most popular Tours-in-Demand like Italian Vistas, National Parks, Canadian Rockies by Train and Shades of Ireland – but we are also seeing this huge interest in brand-new tours, and it makes sense. Our tour designers work so hard to create the kind of moments you’d be hard-pressed to find on your own. They are experts in their destinations and on tour, it’s all about uncovering the magic and going home having truly experienced the local culture.

Peaks of Europe 3

I’m probably most excited for the brand-new Peaks of Europe tour because travellers get to experience France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Italy through the lens of the Alps and Dolomites – these gorgeous mountain vistas tell a new kind of story of Europe and the pictures are absolutely postcard-perfect.

Peaks of Europe 2

Plus, on the small group Scotland: Isles of Lore & Legend tour, there’s a great off road ‘city tour’ of Loch Lomond that travellers are going to honestly love.

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