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Celebrate Patriotism All Over Canada on July 1

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by Nicole Diebold

June 30, 2021

2 minute read

Canada Day always brings about celebrations and fireworks, fun food experiences and gatherings with family and friends – all in the name of Canada’s confederation. Take a look at some of the really iconic spots throughout Canada that celebrate its heritage with their own local flair.

    niagara pic4

  • Niagara Falls lights up the sky with a gorgeous fireworks display on July 1st. To celebrate the friendly relationship between Canada and the U.S., it also sets off a gorgeous fireworks display on July 4th. Experience the power and energy of the falls on the Canada side on our Best of Eastern Canada tour.
  • lobster pic2

  • The July holiday weekend usually brings out the freshest seafood in coastal Atlantic Canada. Enjoy a lobster feast on the Fundy Trail on our Maritimes Coastal Wonders tour.
  •  line dancing pic3

  • Capture the cowboy spirit with a line dancing lesson on a local ranch and a traditional Albertan barbecue dinner on our Western Canada’s Rockies, Lakes & Wine Country tour.
  • capilano bridge pic4

  • Canada Day is the perfect time to truly appreciate the stunning natural wonderland throughout the country. Experience Canada’s raw beauty – like Athabasca Glacier, the rainforest at Capilano Suspension Bridge, Lake Louise, Bow Falls and the iconic Canadian Rockies – on our Canadian Rockies featuring Rocky Mountaineer tour.

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