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5 Local Lessons for Foodies at Heart

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by Nicole Diebold

August 27, 2021

3 minute read

#ColletteCulinary is a 2-week digital ‘tour’ of some of our best culinary experiences on the road. One way to really connect to the local culture is to roll up your sleeves and do as the locals do. In our travels, we’ve met some truly welcoming locals who are eager to share their recipes, skills and culinary chops with you!

Take a look at some of our favourite lessons from the road: 

1.     Make a Margherita Pizza in Italy

Our Tour Manager, Luciana, takes you behind the scenes in Italy to share the secrets of how to make its most famous export – pizza! Sharpen your skills in the kitchen as you watch this video and come away with some useful culinary tips and tricks.

2.     Cook (and taste!) Paella in Spain

On our Spain’s Classics tour, go behind the scenes of one of the country’s most popular foods and learn the art of making it. The paella-making demonstration is followed by lunch. Buen provecho!

3.     Discover the Magic of Coconut Candy in Costa Rica

On our small group Explorations tour, Costa Rica: A World of Nature, a local teaches you all about his village and its previous history as a coconut plantation. Watch as he demonstrates how they use coconuts before trying your hand at making a local favourite: coconut candy.  

4.     Make Yemista in Ancient Olypia, Greece with Suzanna Spiliopolous

Head to Ancient Olympia, Greece, nestled in the Peloponnese islands, for a cooking lesson. In this video, Suzanna Spiliopolous of the Pelops Hotel takes you from her garden to her kitchen to show you how to make Yemista – Greek stuffed tomatoes and peppers. She harkens us back to a simpler time and you can almost smell the sweet, savoury flavours as she blends and cooks this traditional dish.

So check out this sneak peek into Suzanna’s kitchen for a savoury experience, and say “Yamas!” to the result!

5.     Go Truffle Hunting in Croatia. 

The brand-new small group Explorations tour, The Balkans, has an experience that will make dog lovers experience some serious puppy love. The dogs are at the core of one of the tour’s most unique culinary experiences. As you visit a local family on their forested property, it’s a truffle-hunting adventure as their friendly dogs take you on a quest for the coveted mushrooms. Afterward, enjoy a truffle-inspired lunch while the pups rest. To all the dog owners: do you think your dog would be up for the task?

Travel is so much more fun when you’re an active participant in the local culture. Connecting with people from the area, learning from them, cooking with them – these are the experiences that you’ll relish long after that meal is over.



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