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10 Things I Love About Jordan

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by Nicole Diebold

August 18, 2022

3 minute read

When I was a little girl, the word “Jordan” made me think of basketball, sneakers, and even the New Kids on the Block (yes, I know). But growing up Collette, I also had this deeply ingrained love of travel, and it wasn’t long before the ever-trending destination became the only Jordan that really mattered to me. It has topped my list of places that I need to visit (like yesterday). I mean, it’s home to more than 100,000 archaeological sites. This is the place where the Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea (not to mention Petra) create a sense of mystery and intrigue only outshined by history. And so much beauty.


Jordan is one of those places that adds a certain something to a tour through ancient lands brimming with culture and history – and bursting with local flavour. That’s why our small group Explorations tours: Jordan & Israel: Cultural Crossroads and Journey through Egypt & Jordan have been traveller favourites since the moment they hit the market. Iconic locales like Egypt and Israel are incredible on their own – but when you add Jordan, these tours sparkle because as you make your way through these historic lands, you’ll find yourself swept up in a tapestry of diverse beauty and unexpected surprises; these places complement each other in the best possible way.


For many travellers, Jordan is the discovery on these tours – and when they return home, it is that best-kept secret. But it seems the secret is getting out. It’s trending big time now and Jordan is topping travellers’ wish lists.


If Jordan is on your list, make sure you do these 10 things when you take that once-in-a-lifetime trip.


1.     Gaze upon the Promised Land. Visit Mount Nebo – an elevated ridge, where, according to the Old Testament in the Bible, Moses saw the Promised Land.

2.     Explore the Wadi Rum Desert via 4x4; its ethereal moonlike landscape is unlike anything you can imagine.

3.     Float in the Dead Sea, soaking in the natural minerals at the lowest point on Earth.

4.     Discover the red-rock city of Petra in Jordan’s southwestern desert. With tombs and temples carved right into sandstone cliffs, the fabled “Rose City” is a traveller-favourite.

5.     Visit the site of Jesus Christ’s baptism –Bethany Beyond the Jordan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

6.     Roll your sleeves up and take an Arabic cooking class, using fresh ingredients from local markets.

7.     Dine on street food, savouring fresh hummus, falafels, and kunafa. Do as the locals do.

8.     See the Byzantine mosaics at St. George’s Church in Madaba.

9.     Converse with a local family in their home over tea about life in the Bedouin community of Wadi Musa.

10. Make an impact. Participate in a hands-on lesson at a women’s rug weaving cooperative at Bani Hamida. Or in Madaba, chat with the philanthropic entrepreneur of a progressive bookstore, discussing Arabic literature and culture.


Jordan is at once quietly reflective and a spiritual destination and bursting with vibrant culture and colourful moments. Is it on your list of places to go? When you get there, prepare to be amazed. And let us know what your favourite experience is.

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