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Travelling Solo in a Group Setting
The Best of Both Worlds!

Going guided with a group is a great choice for solo travellers. Everything you need is taken care of, so you don’t have to worry about your itinerary, hotel check-ins and transportation. All you have to do is pack a bag and bring your sense of adventure; we’ll handle the rest.

Make New Friends

When you go guided, the people on your tour are all excited to see and explore, just like you. You’ve got a ready-made bunch of new friends, and you already know you have lot in common—you all picked the same trip!

Feel Safe with Us

Your tour has been carefully planned by an expert Tour Designer who has travelled the local area, spoken to its residents, and hand-picked every location and experience you’ll have. You can feel safe with us no matter where we go together.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Whether it’s helping you choose the right trip for you, taking you to the airport and back home again in a private car, offering the security of our unsurpassed Travel Protection plan or 24-7 support, we are with you every step of the way.

Relax. The Details Are Covered

One of the biggest benefits of going touring is that you get to enjoy many experiences that would be difficult to do on your own. We’ve handled all the details so that all you have to do is relax and go with the flow. There are many wonderful new experiences waiting for you.

Expert Tour Managers by Your Side

Tour Managers are more than just guides. They’re part friend and part travel concierge! They’re there to make sure you’re taken care of and safe all along the way, but they’re also equipped with tips on where to eat and what to explore during your free time.

Don’t let travelling solo stop you from seeing the places you’ve always dreamed about! We will take you there, show you everything you’ve been longing to see, and even mix in some delightful surprises along the way.


If you’ve never travelled alone or been a part of a group before, you probably have some questions. Check out some of our most frequently asked questions or give us a call anytime at 0800 804 8705.

What is a single supplement and how does it work?
A single supplement is an additional fee paid by guests who are travelling alone and want to enjoy the luxury of not having to share a room. The cost of a single supplement varies by trip and some trips do not even require a single supplement.
What happens during the evenings?
On some nights, you will be dining with your group. On nights when you have free time, your Tour Manager will suggest restaurants and activities nearby. You can choose to stick with your group or explore on your own.
What happens during free time to explore?
You have the choice to either stick with your group or explore on your own. Your Tour Manager will be able to make several suggestions on what to do during your free time.

Collette takes care of all the details, so all you have to do is enjoy and soak in the magnificent place of your tour. Their tour managers take care of you, so there is nothing to interfere with your trip. I just completed my 6th tour with them.

— Collette Traveller on Plains of Africa

As a mainly solo traveller, I was a bit hesitant to commit to a set schedule and a group setting. I’d always discovered things on my own but wanted to try it out to see if a guided holiday would be a fit. Guess what: It. Was. Amazing.

— Collette Traveller on Maritimes Coastal Wonders

Collette did a wonderful job of organising our trip. Everything was taken care of. All we had to do each day was board the bus and away we went. No worries, just fun.

— Collette Traveller on Magical Christmas Markets of Austria and Germany

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Check out these departure dates with Single Supplements of £300 and under
  • Spotlight on San Antonio
    16/09/18, 23/09/18, 14/10/18, 28/10/18, 11/11/18, 25/11/18, 29/11/18, 08/12/18, 09/12/18, 12/12/18, 13/12/18, 27/01/19, 10/02/19, 17/02/19, 03/03/19, 17/03/19, 31/03/19, 14/04/19, 15/04/19, 19/04/19, 28/04/19
  • Spotlight on New Orleans
    23/09/18, 07/10/18, 14/10/18, 21/10/18, 04/11/18, 11/11/18, 02/12/18, 09/12/18, 27/01/19, 24/02/19, 10/03/19, 24/03/19, 31/03/19, 07/04/19
  • Discover Switzerland
    14/09/18, 17/09/18, 21/09/18, 24/09/18, 28/09/18, 05/10/18, 08/10/18, 12/10/18, 15/10/18, 19/10/18, 26/10/18, 02/11/18, 22/03/19, 05/04/19, 10/04/19, 24/04/19, 26/04/19
  • Irish Splendour
    18/10/18, 24/10/18, 25/10/18, 31/10/18, 01/11/18, 07/11/18, 08/11/18, 14/11/18, 04/12/18, 05/12/18, 24/01/19, 27/02/19, 06/03/19, 07/03/19, 14/03/19, 20/03/19, 27/03/19, 28/03/19
  • Sunny Portugal
    29/09/18, 03/10/18, 06/10/18, 10/10/18, 13/10/18, 20/10/18, 31/10/18, 03/11/18, 07/11/18, 10/11/18, 01/12/18, 26/01/19, 16/02/19, 23/02/19, 02/03/19, 09/03/19, 16/03/19, 23/03/19, 06/04/19, 10/04/19, 24/04/19, 27/04/19
  • Spotlight on Tuscany
    14/09/18, 21/09/18, 28/09/18, 05/10/18, 12/10/18, 14/10/18, 19/10/18, 21/10/18, 26/10/18, 02/11/18, 04/11/18, 07/11/18, 09/11/18, 11/11/18, 30/11/18, 18/01/19, 15/02/19, 01/03/19, 08/03/19, 15/03/19, 22/03/19, 05/04/19, 07/04/19, 12/04/19, 24/04/19, 26/04/19, 28/04/19
  • Splendid Sicilia
    04/11/18, 02/12/18, 20/01/19, 17/02/18, 24/03/19, 31/03/19, 07/04/19

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