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Why Go Guided with Collette in Africa?

30+ Years on the Continent

9,000 medina alleys. 300+ square mile national parks. There’s a lot to explore in Africa. And we’ve been at it for a while.

Hand-Picked Everything

Want to have lunch in a local village? Maybe learn to haggle at a market? Us, too. Our tour designers are curious like you, and carefully choose every element of your trip.

Satisfying Your Curiosity

We hear you: You want the must-sees and more. Don’t worry. We’ll get you to the pyramids in Egypt. But you’re going to meet the locals, too.

Your Coolest 40 Winks

Riads, luxe desert camps, and safari boats, oh my. These spots are way more than a place to rest your head.

Your Personal Inside Scoop

Your Tour Manager is a true local expert. They live and breathe the culture and destination. And they’re highly rated professionals we’ve handpicked to show you the way.

Travelers said it best...

Patricia A.

Treasures of Egypt Traveler

“This trip was filled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences and literally, wonders of the world, but the reason to do it with Collette is the manner in which you take care of the details and care for us to give us the best experience without us having to deal with a plethora of details. You all are masters of making it easy for the traveler.”

Brenda K.

Wilderness of Southern Africa: Safari by Land and Water Traveler

“It was a trip of a lifetime! Every moment was perfect! How so many things of significance could happen in such a timely fashion was beyond words. … Fabulous travel, grand hotels and lodging experiences including tents and boats, exceptional drivers and leaders, delicious and plentiful food and all handled for the pleasure and ease of those traveling! I loved the fellow travelers who became like family! Life is wonderful with Collette!”

“This is an amazing tour, and I can't stop talking about it. I have told everyone I know to visit Morocco. I loved Fes and the riad we stayed at can't be topped. The employees were the best and so friendly, the place was magnificent. I also loved [our Tour Manager] Rachid. He gave us so much valuable info and was so knowledgeable…”

Mary Jane K.

Colors of Morocco Traveler

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Frequently Asked Questions about…


Yes, Morocco is generally considered safe for travelers, especially in larger cities. Of course, no matter where you travel, you should follow common-sense safety precautions, such as keeping your purse/wallet close to you, not carrying large sums of cash, and avoiding quiet areas after dark.

Morocco is a Muslim country, and modest dress is the norm. We suggest being mindful and respectful of the local culture by dressing in loose clothing that covers both the shoulders and the knees. Bonus: Loose clothes will also help keep you cooler in the hot sun.

Haggling is a critical part of shopping in the souks. Here are some tips:

  • Cash is king! While some vendors will take Euros or US dollars, it is best to carry Moroccan dirhams.
  • The asking price will start high. You should counteroffer 10-30% of the initial asking price.
  • Don’t be afraid to walk away. The merchant may budge but if not, you can continue your shopping elsewhere.

The fully equipped Berber-style tents offer beds, linens, pillows, a flush toilet, running water, shower, and solar lighting to make for an authentic yet enjoyable stay in the desert.

Travel Tip: The tents in the desert camp also have electrical outlets. You will want to be sure to bring the necessary adapter and converter. Also, if you are bringing a CPAP, it is recommended that you bring an extension cord as well; outlets in hotels and at the camp may not be located close to the bed.


For the climate in Egypt, the best time to travel here is between November and the end of March.

Yes! Egypt is a very safe country. The Egyptian people are warm and accommodating, and the country is practically crime free.

That being said, petty crime is common in any densely populated city around the world. Always follow common-sense safety precautions, such as keeping your purse/wallet close to you.

The currency in Egypt is the Egyptian pound. US dollars are accepted almost everywhere in Egypt. Cash in denominations higher than 50 US dollars may be difficult to exchange.

In many places, you can also pay with a credit card. The price will automatically be converted to your home currency by the system. Some merchants charge a fee for this service, but it adds an extra guarantee on your purchase, so it’s a nice option.

You can use your bank card at any ATM to get pounds. There may be a fee for this convenience, but it makes getting local currency quick and easy. You will want to have small denominations of local currency on hand for smaller purchases. It is common in Egypt for restrooms to have an attendant present at all times. The recommended tip is 50 cents in local currency.

First and foremost, bring closed toe shoes. It is a sandy, dusty country so sandals are tricky.

Make sure that you’re packing for the climate. From November to March, you will need short sleeves during the day and a light sweater at night. From March to the end of September, it's quite hot but it's not humid.

Indoors, you’ll find a lot of air conditioning, so you will want to dress in layers to account for this. Thin, long sleeves are beneficial indoors and outdoors as protection for your skin in the sun.

Going on Safari

On game reserves and in National Parks, visitors should wear neutral colors such as brown, khaki, and beige. Avoid wearing blue as Tstetse flies are attracted to that color. Camouflage patterns should be avoided as only the military wear this.

Game drives tend to last approximately 3 hours in duration, sometimes longer depending on wildlife sightings during the drive. Vehicles are open-sided 4x4 safari vehicles. Note that specific vehicles will vary by tour.

They vary from standard hotels to lodges, tented camps, and even house boats.

Accommodations vary from standard hotels to lodges, tented camps, and even safari boats. These different stays mean some different experiences, but you can trust they're all carefully selected to get you close to the action.

Speaking of, when you stay outdoors you may find small creatures like geckos sharing your space! Talk about getting close to wildlife!

Jokes aside, these things will always be true:

  • You’ll always have immediate access to a private bathroom.
  • Both internet access and air conditioning are available, but not guaranteed.
  • Electricity is widely available, but can be disrupted. If you require use of a CPAP or breathing support overnight, we strongly recommend a different tour.

These vary from place to place, but they're all 4x4 vehicles. The rule of thumb is that in East Africa, they're closed vehicles and in West Africa, they're open-air vehicles.

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