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Tourism Cares awards Collette for long-term excellence in corporate giving

Pawtucket, RI (January 2, 2018) – Collette, global tour operator has been awarded the Hearts of Travel Award from Tourism Cares, which recognizes and acknowledges long-term excellence in corporate giving for a small company.

The award celebrates and share models of corporate social change to spotlight excellence and inspire others, reflecting Tourism Care’s belief that corporate citizenship, especially in travel, is good for business and employees as well as the community.

Committee submissions were scored in the following areas: theory of action and execution (problem statement, activities, and outcomes); community engagement; storytelling; communications and advocacy; integration into their core business; and overall financial commitment.

“This recognition is a reflection of the work of the entire Collette community, our culture of giving, and our dedication to social responsibility.” said John Sutherland, Corporate Responsibility Manager.

About Collette

As the longest running tour operator in North America, Collette has been providing guided travel for 100 years. We offer trips on all seven continents, allowing guests to fulfill their deepest travel aspirations. As a family owned and operated business we consider our travelers to be our personal guests. We understand that each guest is unique so we offer a variety of travel styles, including small groups, single hotel stays, faith based experiences, river cruises, and rail journeys.

Media Contact:

Amelia Sugerman, Collette

Phone: 401.642.4521

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