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Collette turns 100 looks toward expanding existing city headquarters

Collette turns 100, looks toward expanding existing city headquarters

PAWTUCKET – When current Collette CEO Dan Sullivan Jr.’s father, Dan Sullivan Sr., bought Collette Travel from Jack Collette in 1962, there were a grand total of three full-time employees and three tour guides.

If employees stepped backward, they risked falling down the open stairs to the basement, jokes Alice Sullivan, chairwoman of the board for the company.

Today, that company first started a century ago, during the year the Red Sox won the World Series, has grown to 489 workers in Pawtucket and 648 total employees around the globe.

This month, the company is celebrating its 100th birthday with an outward focus, particularly on the many people who have helped bring it to where it is today. As part of a corporate social responsibility initiative, the company partnered with Rise Against Hunger in an effort to provide 1 million meals to those in need around the globe. Read More

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