Suzanne in front of Sensoji Buddhist Temple  Tokyo JapanCVO

Find Adventure with Me on My Amazing Tour of Japan

Suzanne S
by Suzanne Stavert

March 26, 2018

Where is my favorite destination? I often get asked this question and truthfully this is nearly impossible to answer! We travel to many extraordinary places, so I usually answer with whatever place I have just returned from! So today, my favorite place in the world is Japan. Seriously it is. My recent tour of Japan, Cultural Treasures of Japan by Collette Travel, allowed me to dive in to a culture and experience things I never knew existed!

Japan is Mount Fuji, advanced technology, pristine streets, tiny cars, packs of pedestrians, snowy mountains, warm noodles, respect, elegance and inspiration. The country is filled with grand, ancient temples, bright vermilion bridges, sticky rice and freshly caught fish. Phenomenal shopping, bountiful restaurants and diverse architecture can be found everywhere and there is so much more. Read more.

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