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Collette Announces Commitment To Responsible Animal Welfare

by Casey Bennett

June 24, 2019

Pawtucket, RI (June 24, 2019) – Collette, global tour operator, is thrilled to announce a commitment to the responsible care of animals and their welfare by adopting and following ABTA’S Global Welfare Guidance for Animals in Tourism.

Collette is dedicated to ensuring that any animal-related experience on tour be audited against the ABTA guidelines by an independent consultant. This will ensure that all tour programs align with the industry-best standards. By May of 2021, Collette will discontinue the inclusion of any and all experiences that don’t meet the guidelines set forth by ABTA.

“Our responsible travel team has been diligently working to further integrate Collette’s core value of social responsibility into every tour product,” said John Sutherland, Director of Social Responsibility. “By committing to follow ABTA’s Global Welfare for Animals in Tourism policy, we are moving to ensure all animal-related inclusions follow best practices.”

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