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Collette Launches 2020 Tour Season with Events in New York and Toronto

Travel advisors had opportunities to experience the new innovative spirit initiated by Collette’s President Jaclyn Leibl-Cote at a pair of seasonal new product launch events in Toronto in late September and in New York last week.

The events were colorful, multifaceted productions designed to generate excitement about Collette’s new products and to give travel advisors a taste of some of the kinds of experiences that are offered on Collette’s new tours for 2020. The sessions were a departure from previous product launches and they demonstrate a new style for the company going forward. 

Three events
Collette held three launch events, one for employees at Collette’s world headquarters in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, followed by two for travel advisors and media in Toronto and New York. Next year, the company plans to add a fourth launch event in Australia.

Collette held its New York event at the Dumbo Loft in Brooklyn’s Dumbo district just off the East River, with views of the Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan in the background. The iconic view of Manhattan, which is familiar from its appearance in a myriad of advertising photos, set the stage for an event that was designed to incorporate experiences that simulate what is offered on Collette’s new, more immersive tours.

“This year, we are kicking off our 102nd travel season,” said Joshua Chelmo, Collette’s senior manager of publicity and events, “and this is the first time we are calling them travel seasons and showcasing that we have been around for 102 years.” Read More.

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