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Collette Launches Northern Italy and Its Lakes Tour

by Casey Bennett

September 18, 2019

Pawtucket, RI (September 18, 2019) – Collette, global tour operator, launches their Northern Italy and Its Lakes Featuring Padua and Venice tour.

Wander along the winding canals and cruise on mountain-lined lakes as you journey through Northern Italy. Explore Padua, an ancient city of Veneto, and delve into the city’s culture on a walking tour. Embark on a guided tour of Venice, witness the sinking castle of Sirmione, and relax along the shores of Lake Maggiore. Cruise the waters by the rich and famous on Lake Como, and take in the beauty of Italy.

“On this new tour, guests will discover the best of the Italian culture, savory cuisine, friendly locals, history, and of course the mystical lakes,” said Diana Ditto, Director of Product Design. “Each day introduces new unparalleled beauty!”

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