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Is Greenland the New Iceland?

To be clear, Iceland isn’t falling completely out of favor. Plenty of tour operators report that the destination continues to be extremely popular with travelers. And in some ways, Greenland is arguably piggybacking on Iceland’s popularity with combination Greenland and Iceland itineraries being the gateway for many to visiting Greenland.

“Iceland has been such a popular destination for a number of years that it’s only natural to experience a bit of a decline in numbers,” said Diana Ditto, director of product design at global tour company Collette. Ditto said Collette has seen steady interest in Iceland, enough to warrant offering two tours to Iceland as well as a combined Iceland and Greenland tour.

Added Ditto, “The Nordic countries are absolutely breathtaking and our guests are enamored by the active glaciers and unique cultural experiences of Greenland.” Read More.

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