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“We’re just getting started”: Collette marks 102nd season with new destinations & experiences

“It may be our 102nd season, but we’re just getting started,” remarked Collette President Jaclyn Leibl-Cote, before presenting the tour operator’s new products during Collette’s 2020 season kick-off.

The Rhode Island-based tour operator welcomed its Canadian travel partners to downtown Toronto last night (Sept. 25), showcasing the latest itineraries with a selection of immersive experiences for guests to try out, from mixing Moroccan spices to learning the secrets of making the perfect temaki handroll.

Among the more than 30 new tours launched last night include a new Imperial Russia tour, during which visitors can travel by Soviet-era vehicles; an exploration of Argentina’s wild side with Patagonia: Edge of the WorldJourney through Egypt & Jordan, marking a return to a popular travel destination for Collette; and a unique island-hopping itinerary with Azores: Jewels of Portugal. Read More.

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