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Collette Announces 50,000 Available Seats on Guaranteed Dates Worldwide

by Casey Bennett

December 12, 2019

Pawtucket, RI (December 12, 2019) – Global Tour Operator Collette announces 50,000 available seats on guaranteed dates worldwide! With access to 50,000 guaranteed dates available worldwide, agents can choose a tour departure date for their clients knowing that it will depart as planned and the departure date will not change.

Choosing Collette comes with benefits that take your guided travel experience to another level.  These inclusive tours provide the guest with more value for their money and more of what makes travel special. “Guaranteed departures assure that tours will operate as scheduled and allows guests to book with confidence,” said Jaclyn-Leibl Cote, President of Collette. “Collette is thrilled to offer guests 50,000 guaranteed dates on tours worldwide.”


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