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How About a Luxury Tour of Your Own Backyard?

Amelia Sugerman
by Amelia Sugerman

April 07, 2021

“I’d never looked at paying to just do a trip in the United States in part because we’re in the United States and I’m only two hours from southern Vermont,” Mr. Sugrue said. The four-day, roughly $3,800-a-person experience, including lunch on a farm and a dedicated chef who cooked outdoors at their inn, exceeded his expectations. “I’d been there two to three dozen times, and we barely touched a road I’d been on before.”

Americans taking luxury group tours of America is not the norm; those are often designed for travelers going abroad. But with international tourism stalled by travel restrictions and border closures, some American operators are taking the opportunity to sell backyard travel to domestic travelers based on their expertise, secured access to popular things like national park lodges, and practical matters like flexible cancellation policies.  

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