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Entrance to Floriade

Collette Debuts Six New Tours Showcasing Rare Dutch Horticultural Event

The Netherlands' once-in-a-decade world's fair of all things green is back in 2022, and global tour operator Collette wants to make sure travelers don't miss out. Just yesterday the travel company unveiled a series of brand-new itineraries highlighting the Floriade Expo 2022, a six-month long celebration of flowers and sustainable technology.

During these vacations next year, Collette says guests will have the chance to wander around the legendary Keukenhof Gardens, take in the country's tulip fields, or check out the floral displays at England's Chelsea Flower Show (pictured above). "Everywhere you turn there is a celebration of blooming plant life on these amazing tours," said Ana Rooney, Collette's director of product design.


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