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European Travelers Seeking Fewer Countries, Creative Destinations

Amelia Sugerman
by Amelia Sugerman

June 16, 2021

Travel Agent talked with Terry Dale, the president and CEO, United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA); Andrea Grisdale, CEO and sole founder, IC Bellagio, a DMC for Italy; and several tour operators for insight.

More Targeted Scope

While typically American travelers heading to Europe often seek to package many countries into their vacation that’s not always the case this year, given complexities for border crossings, COVID-19 testing requirements and other entry rules for international destinations. Some are still traveling to multiple countries but perhaps a lesser number overall—perhaps two, but maybe not four, five or six. Tour operators have plenty of good options for travelers seeking that. Globus, for example, offers such options as the seven-day “Imperial Escape” itinerary between Budapest, Hungary and Prague in the Czech Republic. It visits two countries. Read More.

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