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America’s heritage, music, food is focus of travel in 2022

Amelia Sugerman
by Amelia Sugerman

August 15, 2021

The Chamber Travel Club is booking tours to showcase our own varied country.

If you’re someone who wants to refresh your American history, the Heritage of America tour is for you. We’ll explore our musical roots on America’s Music Cities. The Discover South Dakota adventure will showcase the beauty of South Dakota and will have your writing your own “ode to America.” The storied genteel South will be uncovered on the Charleston, Savannah & Jekyll Island tour.

By the time these tours depart, we hope most of our COVID issues are behind us and we will have reached herd immunity. The first trips depart in April — eight months from now. A lot of good things can happen in eight months! I’m so glad I was vaccinated early as I feel so much safer traveling. Read More.

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