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Predictions For Tours and How Collette's Staying Relevant

by Monika Todorova

March 22, 2021

Covid-19 has put the travel to a halt. While experts agree the tourism industry remains in flux, there are early signs of adaptation and resilience that are fueling consumer confidence. 

While most Americans aren’t yet ready to book their next dream vacation, they are starting to browse. This past week, top booking sites have grown web traffic. Roughly 87% of American travelers are hoping to take a vacation by the end of 2021, according to a new customer poll by InsureMyTrip. 

While there are safety challenges ahead, there remains a strong desire to visit other parts of the world – eventually. Here’s some predictions on when travelers will actually be able to do it. 

Rebound potential: Likely 2021 

Major tour companies are reporting an uptick in inquiries for early 2021. “We are already starting to see trends in interest for destinations like the national parks, but customers are actively researching other regions to include Iceland, Finland and Ireland,” says Jeff Roy, executive vice president of Collette. 

What to expect: Smaller group trips and private excursions. Itineraries will be carefully crafted with social distancing considerations. Read More. 

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