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Collette has best year in 107-year history, shares top trending destinations for 2024

Sam LaFrance
by Sam LaFrance

January 10, 2024

Pawtucket, RI (January 10, 2024) – Collette saw it’s best-year ever in 2023, after a large bounce back in travel throughout 2022. Travelers continue to be eager to get back out and explore the globe now that it’s once again safe to do so. As we ring in the new year, Collette is excited to share which destinations are trending for 2024. North America’s longest-running tour operator has seen travelers flock to France, Southeast Asia, and Italy. Plus, travelers are showing increased interest in traveling with smaller groups.

Explorations tours are Collette’s most popular product, with Travelers rating them to be excellent, which is the highest rating, 78% of the time. Each year more and more travelers have been electing to tour with a smaller group. This year is no different.

Collette’s new “Best of Italy” small group Explorations tour lets travelers immerse themselves into the country’s culture their way. Travelers will have multiple opportunities to decide how they’d like to experience what the country has to offer. While visiting the Romagna Countryside, they’ll have the choice between relaxing at their hotel with a wine-infused mud treatment or spending the day in Ravenna for a guided tour of its mosaics. When in Rome later in the tour they’ll once again be able to choose how to spend their day. Travelers can elect to take a walking tour of the city and its Renaissance masterpieces, or instead enjoy a tour of the Catacombs and search for the vestiges of the Empire. Travelers can book their spot on the “Best of Italy” for as early as May 26, 2024, for prices starting at $4,399 USD pp.

“Our ‘Best of Italy’ Small Groups Explorations Tour is a fantastic way for travelers to enjoy Italian culture. On this new tour, they’ll be able to make their own decisions on what they’d like to experience during their trip,” said Jaclyn Leibl-Cote, CEO at Collette.

Over the course of 19 days travelers will journey across Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam on Collette’s “Kingdoms of Southeast Asia” tour. They’ll enjoy key experiences, stopping at Hanoi’s historic Old Quarter for an exciting walking tour, navigating the Cu Chi Tunnels, a maze of underground passageways used by the Viet Cong, and pay a visit to a Vietnam War veteran to learn about the war from his unique perspective. Travelers can book seats on the “Kingdoms of Southeast Asia” tour February 21, 2024, with prices starting at $4,199 USD pp.

“Travelers are flocking to explore Southeast Asia with Collette’s Explorations tours,” said Jeff Roy, Executive Vice President of Revenue Management and Pricing at Collette. “Collette’s. ‘Kingdoms of Southeast Asia’ tour gives travelers a taste of all the region has to offer. From history to natural beauties, we make sure to hit every attraction.”

Travelers who embark on the 7-day tour of Paris with Collette’s “Spotlight on Paris” tour truly get to live like a local. Throughout their visit, they’ll ride the Metro, Paris’ local public transit, all week to get to each of their destinations. They’ll also take part in a walking food tour, enjoying some of the city’s finest French cuisine. Lastly, travelers will spend a day exploring the neighborhood of Montmarte, which blends artistic roots and quirky modernity. Travelers can book their spot on the “Spotlight on Paris” tour with a departure date as early as March 12, 2024, for prices starting at $2,499 USD pp.

“Our many Spotlight tours like ‘Spotlight on Paris,’ are great for travelers who want to focus on and explore some of the globe’s most wonderful cities,” said Dan Sullivan Jr., executive chairman of the board at Collette. “Paris is such a fantastic place to visit, so we want our travelers to enjoy it to the fullest. This tour will allow them to do so, not leaving any stone unturned during their week-long visit.”

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