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Reviews Of Norwegian Coastal Voyage & Scandinavian Capitals

Norwegian Coastal Voyage & Scandinavian Capitals

From $4,249 pp*

12-15 Days • 24-27 Meals

  • Most amazing trip ever!

    • Service
      5 stars
      Tour guide, Chuck was amazing!! Friendly, professional, interesting, knowledgeable and fun!! Heard so many horror stories about tour guides not knowing a thing about the city they were supposed to be guiding you around, but Chuck was wonderful!! Such a pleasure to be with!
    • Tour
      5 stars
      Our tour guide, Chuck even took us around small villages that we weren’t scheduled to see and knew tidbits about them all! He went above and beyond to make sure we had a wonderful time! Great fun!!
  • Absolutely scenic, extremely interesting...just plain beautiful.

    • Service
      5 stars
      The trip, which included three countries, several hotels and various forms of transportation was extremely well managed by Mr. Chuck Tracy. There were obstacles (not created by the manager) which were expertly overcome so that all was on schedule. The timeliness of events and comfort of the travelers seemed to always be in his forefront. We have only praise for Mr. Tracy and Collette for assigning him to this tour.
    • Tour
      5 stars
      A lot to see and enjoy. Perhaps the most exciting and enjoyable was the Flam Railway and visit to Bergen. That is just beautiful country! Visiting the Semi people and getting up close and personal with the Rain Deer was a learning and exciting experience.
  • Not a good value for the amount paid. The tour director was marginal.

    • Service
      Collette's Tour Director for this tour was very good at assisting with transfers and keep tour members punctual. However, he did not do anything above the minimum amount required during the tour. For example, our experiences with other companies were such that the Directors organized walks, etc. or other activities during free time if the members of the tour wished to take advantage of such activities . And other Directors mixed with the group by eating meals with them, etc. This Director did none of the above. In fact, he even announced to the group that he had gone off on his own to visit a palace. He did not announce that to the group before he left for the palace, and did not invite members of the group to accompany him. It appeared throughout the tour that he was more interested in taking photos on his own, than making himself available to the group for questions, guidance, etc. Additionally, we had requested quiet hotel rooms and ship cabin. However, some of our hotel rooms were located near elevators. Further, on the Hurtigruten vessel, not only was our room located near elevators/stair landings - but we had requested a cabin on the starboard side of the vessel and were given a cabin on the port side. And also, the view out of our cabin window was obstructed by the bottom of a lifeboat and the mechanisms to which it was attached - after paying a considerable amount to upgrade the cabin to a window/view cabin. Several of the hotels we would characterize as being below acceptable standards. Many of the important points of interest were driven by during the city tours, instead of visited as a part of the tour and paid for by Collette.
    • Tour
      The Norway in a Nutshell, and the Hurtigruten portion of the trip.

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