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London & Paris featuring New Year’s Eve in Paris

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9 Days • 10 Meals

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  • Review on 05/26/2023

    • Tour
      4 stars
      The majority of the trip was excellent, but I have three separate problems 1 the night of the first dinner , the food was awful. At my back there was a high bar. Bartender broke a glass causing glass shards to go down my back, inside and outside my dress. I jumped up and my seat makes helped me remove shards. I was fine. No one apologized-restaurant or Benn 2. People end of evening I’ll I was still upset and forgot my phone ion the table. I told Benn when we were riding back to hotel. He told me to hop in cab across the street and go back and get it I took cab back with a friend and it was ok. I feel he should have taken cab and I could have paid for it —- not safest choice 3. At Versaille , my Vox battery was dead within 20 minutes I was in tjj hi ousands of people. I volunteer find the group and had no way to communicate. After looking fo 30 minutes I had no choice but to locate bus and have him call Benn Suggestion:.have Benn stay a predetermined spot for emergencies Request:full cash refund gor Versaille tour
  • Review on 05/20/2023

    • Tour
      Our ride from the airport in London was late. We looked all over for a sign with our names. Finally, we located her. No sign. In London we went to Westminister Castle - that was a waste of money. We saw Queen Mary's doll house - one room with a king's bed and a room with paintings. The Chapel was closed because it was Sunday. In Paris loved the Cabaret, dinner at the Eiffel Tower. Then this is where the tour turned bad. We went to the Louve. We were split into two groups. Our group had a guide who spoke very poor English - people with and without hearing aids could not understand her. She spent long periods of time on one statue. So here comes the real bummer. We all wanted to see the Mona Lisa - that's why we signed up for the tour. Well, our guide took a vote - did we want to stand in line to see it. We all voted yes. Evidently, she didn't want to stand in line - she took us right by it - trying to get pictures of it on our way thru 4 rows of people. The more I think about it - the angrier I get. This is a once in a life time trip. The one thing you want to see most and you are walked right by it at a distance. The other group got to see it up close - their guide spoke great English -she stood in line to see the Mona Lisa. They had a great time. That kinda marked the trip - very poor for me. Now when people ask about my trip - what comes up first - the Mona Lisa - not the Cabaret or the Eiffel Tower. It is really too bad that one guide can destroy a trip like it did. I blame Collette for this - why? they should have an itinerary for their guides. They are the people we paid. We would have been better off going on our on to the Louve - spend the amount of time seeing what we wanted to see. It was a rushed tour - we had the afternoon off - we all would have liked to stay longer. We were told we could stay longer but we would be on our own to get back to the hotel.

    Thank you for your feedback. A member of Collette's Traveler Relations Team will be in contact with you to address your concerns. Sincerely, Collette's Traveler Relations Team

    Collette Support
  • Review on 05/20/2023

    • Tour
      5 stars
      The balance between guided tours and free time was just right. In London our hotel was in walking distance of many historical sites. Touring Windsor Castle ang then all the little shops below Windsor made for an enjoyable day. In Paris, so many memorable moments; the guided tour of the Louve, and dinner in the Eiffel Tower. But my most memorable moment was the evening cruise on the Seine River and the view of the Eiffel Tower at night, especially at 10pm, when something magical happens. A separate set of lights on the tower start to twinkle like stars. Just breathtaking.!!!

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