Why You Will Never Regret Traveling

by Kristen Gilbert

September 16, 2016

3 minute read

“I wish hadn’t spent so much time vacationing” said no one ever.

What people do regret, however, is not traveling enough. In fact, research shows that it’s one of the most common lifetime regrets. So many of us consider going on a trip, but it’s always in the context of “some day.” But the truth is that every moment that goes by is a wasted opportunity to embark on an adventure that will be a part of you forever. Let’s take a look at some of the best things about traveling that add tremendous value to life.

Make new friends


Get ready to meet your new best friends! There’s nothing like a shared experience to bring people together. You’ll make so many friends on tour and some of them may even become friends for life. Not only will you make friends with fellow tourists, you’ll probably hit it off with a local or two as well. Imagine being pen pals with someone in Ireland or Kenya or Sri Lanka!

Stories to tell


Your experience doesn’t end once you come back home. Along with the investment in your trip comes a wealth of wonderful stories to share with friends, family and neighbors. Keep a travel journal so that everything you experience stays fresh in your mind and you’ll be able to talk about your journeys with the same vibrant details as you would if you were still there.

Discover the wonders of nature


Imagine yourself standing in front of a magnificent waterfall in Brazil or coming face to face with a sloth in Costa Rica. Encounters with nature are tremendously rewarding since they tap into our deep connection with the natural world and make us feel more alive.

See history

Roman Colosseum

You can read all the history books you want, but nothing compares to setting foot in the places where history was actually made. Feel the air, see the sights and imagine what things were like when the spot you’re standing in made its mark. When you visit a historic site and learn its story, you become an active participant of keeping history alive.

Experience new cuisine


Food reflects the heart and soul of a culture. Whether you tour a vineyard, go out in search of the best street food or check out the local farmer’s market, you’re coming into contact with an authentic food experience that gives you true insight into another culture’s tastes and values.

Avoid joining the group of so many people who regret not traveling more. Travel early and often and have the time of your life!

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