We are actively monitoring the discussions in Congress over federal funding, and the potential impact on our tours visiting Federal Sites & National Parks across the United States.

Without an agreement between the House, Senate and White House, the government will shut down on Saturday September 30, 2023 at midnight. The impact to our Tours will be limited to those visiting some Federal Sites & National Parks across the country. Some states including Utah, Arizona and Colorado have indicated that they will provide the necessary funding to keep the National Parks operating. Other states are considering similar measures.

If we are unable to operate or your tour is altered due to the government shutdown, we will contact you directly prior to departure.

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10 Years of Global Giving: Making Education Possible

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by Nicole Diebold

November 15, 2017

2 minute read

Every day we witness the power of travel to transform lives. Experiencing cultures around the globe broadens our horizons and makes us better citizens of the world. And since travel gives us so much, we feel compelled to give back. At Collette, we believe that all children deserve to thrive, so we’ve made it our mission to make sure they do.

The Collette Foundation

Ten years ago, we began the Collette Foundation which aims to level the playing field for children around the globe by providing them with basic needs like food and education. With those needs met, they are free to pursue their dreams. So far, we have accomplished a lot.

Tenderfeet Education Center, Kenya

Tenderfeet Education Center is a place of hope and happiness for orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya. There, children have access to an education that instills a sense of self-worth and provides them with opportunities that so many of us take for granted. A highlight of our partnership was building a new school where the children can learn in a safe and clean environment. Our travelers who visit the center on tour receive a warm welcome from very grateful students.

This and many other Collette Foundation sites in countries like Peru, South Africa, Cambodia, Australia, Fiji, India, Costa Rica, Poland and Ecuador are all accomplishments that we are very proud of and we look forward to the next ten years. We are just getting started…

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