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A Hands-On CEO: Redesigning Cultural Treasures of Japan

by Kristen Gilbert

April 18, 2018

3 minute read

In part 4 of a 12-part series, we sat down to chat with our President and CEO, Dan Sullivan, Jr., the tireless world adventurer and leader of this 100-year-old family-owned company. This time, we wanted to learn more about his experiences redesigning our Cultural Treasures of Japan tour. It's a tour that the whole Collette team is extremely proud of and a wonderful example of the magic that happens when family works together to create something extraordinary.

Tell us about all of the wonderful changes to the Japan cultural tour.

One of the highlights of the upcoming tour season is our newly redesigned Japan tour. We went out on the road with product designers and buyers to create what we think is the most immersive and compelling itinerary to Japan available at the greatest possible value. It's now a 14-day tour that includes 23 meals and the pacing is incredible. We have multiple night stays including 3 nights in Tokyo, 2 in Takayama, 2 in Kanazawa and 4 in Kyoto. These longer city stays create greater opportunities for cultural immersion.

What makes Collette's Japan tour special?

This tour covers all the major highlights our guests expect while including leisurely pacing that is a tour attraction in itself. Not only do I love the pacing of this tour, but I also love the immersive experiences. We really meet the locals and learn about the culture. We enjoy a tea ceremony in the home of a Japanese family. We go shopping in Tokyo and stop at a local fish market for a sushi lunch. We learn about crafts and culture by taking a stenciling class and attending a geisha show in Kyoto.

When are the best times to go to Japan?

It's always a great time to go to Japan, but our most popular times are in the Spring and Fall. April is a perfect time to catch the magnificent cherry blossoms and November is a good time for fall foliage.

Who should travel to Japan? Is it for more experienced travelers or people who are new to travel?

Honestly, a Japan trip really is for everyone. It's a great gateway tour for a traveler looking to go international for the first time, and a great addition to the travel roster for a seasoned traveler looking to really explore a fascinating and beautiful country and culture. It's a first world country, so you'll have all the comforts of home available to you, but it also takes you centuries back in time. Anyone who goes there will fall in love with the tea ceremony, going to Hiroshima and taking in so many traditional sights while exploring some of the country's age old cultures. This is truly an extraordinary experience for anyone.

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