Cruise to Croatia: One of the Mediterranean's Best-Kept Secrets

by Alyssa Smith

March 25, 2019

3 minute read

With its cerulean mirror lakes and undulating hills, touches of historic architecture and dynamic cuisine, Croatia is a masterpiece of the Mediterranean. Once you’ve strolled the limestone streets, admired the baroque architecture and soaked in the grand views along the Adriatic, you’ll understand right away why this country has become such a must-see destination.

Step Back in Time

Diocletian Palace

Due to its proximity to the Balkans and Italy, Croatia has been under the rule of several different empires and rulers for close to a thousand years. The country was only recognized as independent from Yugoslavia in 1991. This complicated legacy is something you’ll see reflected through the presence of Venetian castles, Slavic churches and socialist realist apartment complexes. One of the most impressive remnants of the Roman empire is Diocletian’s Palace. This extensive stone structure located in Split was where Emperor Diocletian retired to after his commanding reign. For further historic exploration, discover one of the country’s fascinating museums.

Soak in the Island Life

Golden Beach Croatia

Croatia boasts over 1,100 miles of shoreline and over 1,000 islands offering visitors plenty of opportunity to cruise, swim or relax along sapphire waters. In Bol, Golden Cape Beach offers 530 meters of white, pebbly beach. Known better by locals as Zlatni Rat, Golden Cape Beach is a truly idyllic getaway spot. With pine trees providing shade and azure waters glittering in the sunlight, this seaside locale is perfect for swimming or sunbathing. On the island of Biševo, you can take a glimpse at the Blue Cave, a stunning grotto with a luminous blue glow. Then, head to western Croatia to Opatija, a seaside resort town that was once a favorite retreat for the Austro-Hungarian elite. Amble along the promenade built along the winding waterfront and take in a panorama of secluded bays, posh resorts and azure waters.

Be Beguiled by Natural Beauty

Krka National Park Croatia

While cities like Zagreb and Dubrovnik Croatia are brimming with life and energy, there are many pockets of resplendent, unspoiled landscape. In the Dalmatian region of Croatia, you’ll find Krka National Park. Known for its cascading waterfalls and dramatic gorges, the park covers an area of over 50 square miles. The pristine pools at the base of the falls appear to glisten vibrantly in the sunlight, taking on a blue-green hue. Or, discover the tranquil natural beauty of national park Mljet, a resplendent island sanctuary. Hike, bike or kayak along the island taking in the stunning views of Veliko jezero (Big lake) and Malo jezero (Small lake). It’s here you’ll also find the Islet of St. Mary, home to a Benedictine Monastery from the 12th century. And for spectacular views, forested mountains like Mount Srđ in Dubrovnik showcase the country’s natural splendor.

Expand Your Palate with Croatia’s Local Cuisine

Croatia cuisine

While there is plenty of Mediterranean fare to find in Croatia, you also should sample Istrian cuisine. Incorporating influences from Italy, Turkey, Austria and Hungary, Istrian cuisine offers a melting pot of delicious flavors. Fresh, seasonal fare reigns supreme here along with reliance on regional farmers and local producers. Standout specialties include wild asparagus, truffles and oysters. Dobar tek!

It’s time you reimagine the Mediterranean and head straight to this Central European getaway. Start planning your Croatia sailing trip now. Click here for more.

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