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Why I Will Never Forget My Epic Adventures in Egypt

Ryan D
by Ryan DeSouza

March 04, 2019

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My recent Egypt excursion was nothing short of incredible. Whether I was exploring a museum, shopping at a world-famous souk in Cairo, standing in awe before the pyramids, or enjoying the sights along the Nile from our cruise ship, everything I encountered left me speechless. I will never forget this epic adventure.

Cairo & Giza

Ryan on camel

Our journey began in Cairo, which is a city of organized chaos in its finest form. With a population of 25 million people, the streets are bustling with cars, motorcycles, buses, pedestrians, cyclists, and vendors squeezed in between. Our guides and drivers swiftly and seamlessly navigated through the crowded streets to get us to the landmarks in our itinerary.

The pyramids of Giza were absolutely captivating. Learning about the history of the creation of the pyramids, and imagining the laborers physically constructing these ancient manmade wonders of the world was fascinating - truly a step back in time.

A trip to Egypt isn't complete without a camel ride and Giza is the place do it! For a few dollars, you can take an authentic journey through the desert atop a four-legged taxi, all while snapping some epic photos of Giza.

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Cairo

heiroglyphics in Egypt

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo is home to treasured pieces found in the tomb of King Tut, which Egyptians consider priceless works of art that truly define their history and culture. Seeing these marvelous exhibits on display was absolutely breathtaking. The pieces are in pristine condition, and the fact that ancient Egyptian Kings and Queens adorned these treasures thousands of years ago seems unimaginable. Due to its popularity, the museum is quite busy, but the tour allows for plenty of time for guests to explore at their leisure.

Shopping at the world-famous souk of Khan El Khalili

Marketplace in Egypt

When visiting the Khan El-Khalili Bazaar, be sure to have your bargaining hat on! From the outside, the bazaar looks like a cornucopia of colors, trinkets, people, food, and clothing crammed into the nooks and crannies of narrow streets. Whether you are on the hunt for unique spices, small souvenirs, scarves, or if you just want to sip on a coffee and people watch - the Bazaar is where you want to be. Bargaining is part of the culture here, so don't feel shy to negotiate with the shop owners. Be sure to carry both Egyptian Pounds and US Dollars when bargaining for the best price.

Cruising the Nile

Nile River

While river cruising is most commonly associated with European destinations, cruising on the Nile River brings its own distinct charm. Our stay on the Movenpick Lilly ship was wonderful. The staff was friendly and the cuisine was delicious. I loved looking out to enjoy the marvelous views of the sunrise and sunset from the ship. I was able to get a true sense of the surrounding landscapes while cruising. I spotted farms, small villages, children playing in the water, and vendors selling local goods. Being out on the water was an amazing experience.

The Temples

Relics in Egypt

Exploring the ancient temples with our local guides was a truly unforgettable experience. Standing in the same location where Cleopatra, Rameses the Second, and many other pillars of ancient Egypt once lived was difficult to comprehend.

Our guides did an excellent job of bringing the history of each temple to life, regaling us with stories of family dynasties, betrayal, love, bloodshed, and warfare. We journeyed back in time as we wandered through the temples and imagined what daily life might have been like so many centuries ago.

Felucca Ride & A Visit to Aswan

Hotel pool

We had the opportunity to participate in an authentic Egyptian sailing experience, aboard a small vessel called a Felucca. The staff aboard were great hosts who sang and danced for us as we cruised. Witnessing small children from local villages floating up to the Felucca on surfboards using plates as paddles certainly humbled us all. Understanding how much this experience meant to the locals made me appreciate the hard-working nature of Egyptians, and reaffirmed how important the tourism industry is to the country. Enjoying high tea at a fabulous hotel in Aswan was yet another highlight on tour. Soaking in the beauty of the hotel while observing the sunset from the majestic infinity pool certainly put an exciting spin on our Egyptian experience.

Egypt certainly left a lasting impression on me. I am eager to encourage all who are even remotely interested in Egypt to take the plunge and explore this amazing country! From the cuisine and hospitality to the history and quality of our guides - you will not be disappointed! Egypt is a bucket list item for many…be sure to cross it off yours soon!

Check out this video for more highlights!

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