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Revenge Travel Starts Now

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by Lane Atteridge

March 24, 2021

3 minute read

We’re Ready to Travel Again

Since news of a widespread COVID 19 vaccine rollout began, the travel industry has heard rumblings of “revenge travel.” Again and again, people have had to cancel travel plans, rebook flights, push their vacations out, and all the while they’ve been told to “be patient.” But now, with the light at the end of the tunnel, all that is beginning to change. All of this sitting around and not traveling has just made us hungrier than ever for new destinations and new experiences, and now we’re going to get our revenge. The time of revenge travel has arrived.

 What is Revenge Travel?

            So, what exactly is revenge travel? With a massive amount of flight vouchers to redeem, time to plan, and an overwhelming desire to travel again, people are beginning to book their travel plans for 2021 and 2022 in droves, and take advantage of the ailing travel, tourism, and hospitality industries. There are incredible deals to be had on travel right now as hotels, airlines, and tour providers pull themselves out of a year-long slump. Don’t be shocked to see Black Friday-level sales deals for anything travel related. If you think you missed travel, you have no idea how much the travel industry has missed you.

 First Stop: Your Own Backyard

            The first wave looks to be domestic travel for Americans. With travel restrictions still being in place, more and more Americans are looking into their own backyard and realizing how incredible the travel possibilities are within the U.S. borders. National Parks have always been a beautiful natural resource that draws travelers and nature lovers alike, but in the next year they’ll be more popular than ever. And there’s no end to the variety of landscapes you can explore right here in America, from the painted deserts of the southwest to the deep forests and rocky coastlines of the northeast. Variety, beauty, and accessibility are all right there in America’s outdoor spaces. That goes for Australia and Canada too – both countries have incredible sights right in their borders, just waiting for travelers to discover them.

            After the initial wave of domestic travel, don’t be surprised to see your favorite international destinations start to open up as well. Europe is poised to welcome back travelers in droves as soon as a “vaccination passport” can be created.

 But is it Safe?

            Tour companies and travel destinations have now had time to iron out all the kinks in their travel plans, too. Masks, regular surface cleanings, social distancing, they’ve all been built into the regular day-to-day of travel seamlessly at this point. Travel can be safe now, and with the news of vaccines it’s only going to get safer.

 Are you a Revenge Traveler?

            Did you have to cancel your travel plans? Did you have to cancel them multiple times? Have you been adding a dozen different destinations to your bucket list every day? Have you left a suitcase packed because it’s too heartbreaking to unpack? When you drive your car, do you sometimes think you might just keep driving until you get somewhere new? Do you have vacation time stacked up, travel vouchers in your inbox, and restless legs? If you said yes to one or all of these questions, guess what?

You’re ready for revenge travel. 

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