We are actively monitoring the discussions in Congress over federal funding, and the potential impact on our tours visiting Federal Sites & National Parks across the United States.

Without an agreement between the House, Senate and White House, the government will shut down on Saturday September 30, 2023 at midnight. The impact to our Tours will be limited to those visiting some Federal Sites & National Parks across the country. Some states including Utah, Arizona and Colorado have indicated that they will provide the necessary funding to keep the National Parks operating. Other states are considering similar measures.

If we are unable to operate or your tour is altered due to the government shutdown, we will contact you directly prior to departure.

Small Group Blog

The Benefits of Traveling with a Small Group

Lane A
by Lane Atteridge

May 28, 2021

3 minute read

The true power of a small group Explorations tour is the small group. With 14-24 travelers, the options open up – now, we can fit in a small, local home and have a home cooked meal followed by tea and conversation. Now, we can stay in a smaller, but incredible, unique hotel. With a limited number of travelers, we can go places that others can’t, because there are simply just too many of them. Here are a few examples.


You can have unique cultural experiences.

It’s often said that experience is the best teacher, and we couldn’t agree more. Experiences help educate us as travelers about cultures, traditions, and the human spirit. It’s why we take the time to include truly exceptional experiences on Explorations. Some experiences are active and even a little adventurous, some are designed to reveal the heart of a culture, and some may even have the power to change your life. With less people traveling in the group, these intimate, special moments are possible.


You can stay in smaller, more authentic places.

Explorations includes a variety of unique places to rest up and rejuvenate during your travels. Each hotel is carefully chosen to ensure that your exploration never stops, even while you’re relaxing after a full day, or lingering over a morning coffee. Whether it’s the history, the view, the location, or the amenities, your hotels will capture the spirit of your destination. Castles, chateaus, even a riad in Morocco, are all possible with smaller groups.


Your meals are more like culinary adventures.

Local cuisine is so much more than taste and texture. It’s about the experience and ambiance served up alongside a mouthwatering meal. Explorations seeks to delight the entire palate, creating an unforgettable and hard-to-replicate epicurean adventure. From home-hosted meals to hands-on cooking classes, intimate local restaurants to street food tours, you will savor the many local flavors your destination has to offer. These places are often built to serve a smaller clientele, so with a small group it’s possible to have these unique culinary moments.


Explorations Tours spark your sense of wander.

Explorations tours are, simply put, special. On an Explorations tour, you’ll share the road, a few meals, and a variety of special moments with a small, tight-knit group of less than 19 people who are a lot like you. You won’t be one of the crowd with Explorations, you’ll be an integral part of a cultural expedition. Every Explorations traveler is unique, but you all share a similar agenda—to travel and connect to the world in a more authentic way.

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