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Enjoy Lunch on the Run with Street Food

Alex Shaked
by Alex Shaked

August 27, 2021

3 minute read

Sitting down to a robust multi-course meal and cleansing your palate in a fine dining restaurant is an enriching experience. That being said, sometimes taking a bite of a simple hot dog from a cart under an oversized red umbrella just hits the spot!

For me, that classic New York line up of hot dogs and roasted nuts is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of street food, but there are so many amazing quick eats around the world. There are sandwiches, soups, sweets, skewers, and everything in between to satisfy the diner on the go! Take a look at some of our favorite street food offerings you may spot on tour:

Bánh Mì in Vietnam

Pork, fresh and pickled vegetables, and a soft baguette are a winning combination for this common street food dish. The French introduced the Vietnamese to baguettes in the 1800s. Years later, the marriage of the European style bread with a Vietnamese spin on the sandwich ingredients (au revoir, jambon-beurre) created something magical. Pate, pork, shredded pork skin, mayonnaise, carrot pickles, cucumbers, cilantro, and Vietnamese radish. Sign us up!

Takoyaki in Japan

Takoyaki are crispy spheres of goodness. Believed to be from Osaka, Takoyaki, or “octopus balls,” are made from tender, small bites of octopus, pickled ginger, and green onion and are coated in a tangy sauce. Special pans are made to prepare this common street food, with rows of spheres to prepare larger batches at one time. Takoyaki are given to customers typically lined up in an aesthetically pleasing row in a small paper boat so you can grab a photo of this delicious snack before jabbing your toothpick into one and getting a bite!  

Crêpe in France

Originally from in Brittany (Bretagne), in northwestern France, crêpes are popular both in sit-down restaurants and stand-alone food stands. Sweet or savory, there’s no wrong topping for these thin pancakes. Strawberries and cream. Nutella and banana. Ham and cheese. Mushroom and spinach. The versatility and mobility of crêpes make them the perfect street food selection.  


Bifana in Portugal

It doesn’t get much simpler or satisfying than bifana! Across the country you can find different takes on this sandwich, but regardless of where you order, you can count on a few things: Really well-seasoned pork, often marinated overnight in wine. Papo seco, king of bread. Crusty and dusted with flour on the outside, soft and airy on the inside, it is a perfect vessel for your pork. Pair your bifana with an egg tart (pastel de nata), and you have yourself an authentic and satisfying quick Portuguese meal that even a local would order.

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