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Packing Tips for your Trip to Peru

Liz Lee
by Liz Lee

June 02, 2022

3 minute read

Ancient ruins and lost cities…floating islands on Lake Titicaca…a panoramic train ride through the Andes…colorful village markets filled with vibrant indigenous art…the most perfect ceviche you’ve ever tasted…who wants to visit Peru? I DO! And if you found this page, chances are you do to.


Whether your trip is booked or you’re just in the planning stages, you may be wondering what to pack. Luckily, we’re here to help. I personally like to start my packing with a long checklist, then lay everything out on the bed to get an overall visual of what I need (and maybe some things I don’t). Taking extra time to prepare helps assuage any pre-travel anxiety I may have while simultaneously getting me pumped for my trip.


It also doesn’t hurt to get packing tips from the experts, which is why I’ve consulted with our tour designer in the South American region to bring you the ultimate packing guide for your trip to Peru! Read on for what you need to know before you go.


1.     Bring comfortable shoes. You’ll be doing LOTS of walking on our Peru tour, especially while we explore the ruins at Machu Picchu. You’ll want comfortable (preferably waterproof) walking shoes. If you plan to buy new shoes for your trip, do yourself a favor and break them in before you travel—your feet will thank you!

2.   Pack casual summer clothes. Peru’s warmest months are December through April, when the average daily temperature ranges between about 70ºF and 80ºF (21ºC and 27ºC) on the coast and about 54ºF and 75ºF (12ºC and 24ºC) in the more mountainous regions. But even in the cool season, the average daily high temp is about 69ºF (29ºC). So bring summer clothes—don’t forget a hat, swimsuit, and sunglasses, in addition to loose-fitting shorts, pants, and t-shirts.

3.     Be prepared for rain. During Peru’s colder months, a dense moist fog (or garúa) is common near the coast, and the mountains experience a rainier season during the summer. You’ll definitely want to bring a light weatherproof coat and a travel umbrella.

4.     Layers, layers, layers. This is a good rule of thumb for just about any destination, but it’s especially true in Peru, where the temperature will vary throughout your trip. Our tour expert recommends fleece or wool long-sleeve layers, as these will keep you warm, even if you get wet.

5.     Sunscreen and bug spray are your friends—in general, and especially if you’re taking part in the 3-night Peruvian Amazon extension!

6.     A daypack is essential. You will absolutely need this on your trip to Machu Picchu. It’s nice to keep certain things handy, like sunscreen, bug spray, a water bottle, snacks, and anything else you’d like to bring along. 

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